Rain is a good place to hide tears…!!!!

I feel sad like sad, sad…you know. I’m exhausted and I need weekend. I’m sleep deprived and all lost.

All I need is a hug…i miss my friends, I miss my snowy and I miss being okay…
Just one more day at Gotham and then I can die on my bed for two days.

If only you could buy hugs in the stores or find them hanging on tress…if only. Honestly, I don’t even know what made me cry. Wasn’t a bad day. Nothing happened.

Guess I need sleep. Real bad.

Goodnight world!!!!

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Why Little, why wont you sleep?

Its 3am and I have work tomorrow. Why am I up? Was watching HoP. Cute movie but now I’m wondering why couldn’t I wait for weekend.
Okay! So I guess am screwed tomorrow. Already my boss was all angry bird on me today.

I miss Snowy.

Better go now. Goodnight World!

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Award nominations…!!!!

Past few weeks haven’t been easy on me and its now exact one month since Snowy left me which has totally broken me; only i know what his absence means because no one knows how i have been having dreams of him coming back. Woke up to one this morning, felt so real and crazy part it was like an inception kinda dream where i was dreaming withing the dream. Told you my mind has ability to watch all kinds of dreams, this is not the first time.

Okay! so i have missed on many blogs and then there are few award thank yous pending too which i will acknowledge today.

Thank you my friend Tazeinmirzasaad for not one but two award nominations. How cool is that?

The Versatile Blogger Award versatile


Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness  epicallyawesomeaward


Yes! both of these amazing award nominations for me. 🙂 Thankyou Tazein you have always been kind and inspiring.

Now im suppose to tell 7 things about me nominate 15 people…for my first award nomination. And tell 10 some awesome things while nominating 10 people for my next award. This is kind of tricky but i will try.

17 Facts –

1. I am writing two stories and wish to make movie on one.

2. I love anything with checks..my favorite pattern.

3. I hate to lose in chess but i have lost purposely twice.

4. I cant stand a crowded place, any crowded place.

5. I love books more than their movie versions.

6. I want my mom to try the omelet i make but she is vegetarian.

7. I am scared of sitting behind a two wheeler.

8. When i was in school, i had this habit of playing Britney Spears songs again and again using rewind and forward on my walkman, so i could write down exact lyrics.

9. I used to love making mix tapes when there was no internet, mp3 players and youtube.

10. I love looking at old pictures and reading old diary pages.

11. I love to buy plain black tshirts.

12. If i could, i would buy a pair of canvas in every color.

13. I sometimes like to close my eyes and picture a story in my head.

14. I am very curious when it comes to UFO and aliens and life on other planets.

15. I love to travel by bus and trains more than planes.

16. I like to keep the left side of my bed empty at night, because i like to tell myself Snowy would hate to see his corner of the bed ruffled.

17. If i could i would love to relive following years of my life 2001-2002, 2004- 2005, 2007-2010.

So now i would like to nominate all of you, everyone. Yay!



finding it hard to enjoy my favourite place…!!!!

After a long time I have come to terrace of our building. Once my favorite place, this area is now hurting me forcing me to go downstairs.

Its reminding me of Snowy. He liked being here and I enjoyed clicking his pictures as we both sat here looking at the sky.

From here I can the hills, the temple and the hospital where I was. The green view is all clear and worth spending time here. But its a sad place too because it triggers memories. Snowy, college days and the early year of shifting to this house.

Th best time to come here is when it has rained. The view is mindblowing, the clouds, hills and the trees. Although you can also see concrete jungle and a domino of buildings around but when you look up and see ahead, you forget where you are standing.

If only I had Snowy with me right now. I miss you baby, miss you so much.

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Today i have no title…!!!!

I as I sit here with my laptop I don’t know what to write, partly because I’m sad and partly because the lack of sleep has killed my thinking cells. Yes, I will sleep early tonight. Now i dont get up early to take anyone for a walk, no one jumps all over me pulling my quilt asking me to get out of my bed. How does one get over things? I don’t know.

My friends wanted to make a plan today or tomorrow but I don’t feel like going anywhere. All I want to do is be with me because I don’t have to pretend its okay with me.

Anyhow, since its hot now I guess I can go back to my running. Plus I need diversions and the whole 9 hours sitting is killing my neck. At the end of the day I’m not only emotionally lost physically my neck makes me cry.

In last two days I did another hardest thing of my life, I said another goodbye and it’s like the things inside me are so messed up I can’t tell. The pain, guilt, sadness and helplessness are eating me. My friends gifted me this most amazing little sweet little puppy who stayed with me two nights, keeping me up all the time, running here and there. I named him Frappe and man he loved me but today morning we had to give him away because for various various various reasons my mom won’t let me keep him. I miss Snowy, I miss Frappe and my heart is just broken so badly that I can’t stop crying when I’m alone.

I can’t forget the last moment of Snowy, his face when he left me and I can’t forget Frappe’s tiny eyes looking at me when he needed me to pick him up. Man! I’m a wreck and worst I don’t think I can explain it to anyone.

Like I said I will go early tonight, plus I know I will spend an hour crying before I can actually sleep.


Im always at two places at one time…!!!!

It was a pretty decent weekend, and I feel better now health wise so, I guess I can take Monday and the week. Today when I was out with a friend watching movies, eating and driving around, I felt a bit of sadness inside me like a part of me was missing someone. I realized I was missing one of my best friends and the fun we used to have when she was living in the city. Even when having a good time, a part of me missed her.

On Friday night at 3:30 am, during my episode marathon, I realized I need red canvas shoes 🙂

I better go now, I have so many blogs to catch up with but I will do it all tomorrow. I just hope Monday goes smoothly.

Goodnight World!