I think i didnt get my “its Monday” memo…i found myself dancing…!!!!

I refuse to believe religion says hurt someone, I refuse to accept difference based on color and caste, brown black or white, rich or poor and I refuse to support words like “this is so gay”. Because no one has right to hurt someone they don’t know, someone they never met or someone who hasn’t done anything to them personally. Don’t ask me why I wrote this but something just made me so angry. Human beings are crazy people, we do not care if we hurt others   based on our judgements because as long as the bullet is going on the other end who cares. I wonder if I ever said something racial or judgmental to anyone ever, maybe I did after all I am a human too.

Anyhow, let’s not go there. I’m already mad at the event.

So it was a weird day, because it was a Monday and yet I was in a joyful mood all day. It wasn’t just a Monday, it was also another day with no Blackberry services, yet I was all lively and cheerful. Sometimes I can scare myself; such actions freak me out.

Fortunately the day wasn’t that busy and exhausting, it was, but not like last week. Last week’s madness was too much just consumed me.

Not only was I cheerful I found  myself dancing to the song playing on my phone, as I tried to make one of my legendary cappuccinos in my kitchen after dinner. That’s when I was even more shocked. Weird so weird. But awesome too. I think I can do with such crazy happy days where I’m smiling for no reason. Actually I think I know why I was smiling but I rather not take that in account or else I will jinx it.

That’s what im talking about…this was me..except i have short hair and my kitchen was a mess..

Finally I have said goodbye to my mobile phone company and in one week my new connection will start.

Few days back my friend and I were coming back from city, when some crazy guys tried to scare us by driving their car too close and then they overtook us smiling and laughing. My friend got super mad, showed the guy a finger and he stopped his car and came asking why we did that and how dare we did that. She and he had an argument, but because of the traffic he had to drive away. We too went our way, but I wasn’t sure it was right on her part. I mean guys can be super dogs at times and I know they were doing all this intentionally and we could have got hurt the way they almost tried to crash into our car but. My friend and I had a healthy argument and debate, she did accept my theory on why she shouldn’t have done that but she had her own reasons. It’s not that we are grown ups and we shouldn’t act like that, it’s that I think people enjoy attention and that’s why they do crazy stuff and by responding to them we only give them the rush they want.

I don’t know I’m not sure, because while I wasn’t supporting her that day for her action I remember doing the same back in college when I had my scooter and there was this old guy trying to irritate me by driving his scooter close to me and slowing down when I slowed down and speeding up if I tried to speed up.

Once I even tried to race against some guys who were honking at my scooter for no reasons when they knew I was stuck in jam and couldn’t give them way. That was a crazy day, I was so irritated that I used my hand to tell them if they want they can fly cause I’m not moving and the moment I got a way I  drove so fast because I didn’t wanted them to overtake me. I was like “I aint letting them go ahead of me”. Yep I was a crazy person once. 😛 . I still end up laughing at my own stories. Best part, wait for it, I am racing against them and I m winning despite the fact that they had a car and I was on my scooter. I reach a place where my scooter starts slowing down down down and it stops and I realize “fck I am out of fuel”. Yes it was hilarious I was laughing, those guys were laughing and I ended up calling my brother to get me some fuel from a nearby petrol station.

Maybe I have changed as a person because I would never do all these things ever. I rather let stupid guys be stupid and give them a way. I don’t have that much of stamina to tell them how idiotic it is to act like crazy on road.

P.S I do not mean to be offensive. I’m talking incident based and I do not mean all guys are stupid.  Only few maybe, I don’t know most of them, you can find them on roads with big cars gifted by their rich parents.