Love would find me, one day…!!!

Somedays I wonder
What would I say
The day
We end up
Face to face
What if by
God’s grace
You found me
And we found
What would I say
How would I say
How I had been
Of this day
Believing in you
That you
Would one day
Walk to me
To be
With me
To save me
Guard me
Protect me
But what would I say
At the moment
For which I pray
Day in day out
Every part of me shouts
For you
In search of you
What would I say
When I would want to say
That I knew you
Would come for me
Against all odds
We would meet
Even Gods
Up above
I need you “Love”
I believe
In you
One day
Love would
Find me
I wonder
What would I say
At that moment
At that minute
Would I smile
For a while
Or be surprised
Or pretend
I knew the end
What would I do
When love
You would
Come for me…!!!!

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