When Batman falls sick…!!!!


Hmm...i think the cold is better. I can work.

Hmm…i think the cold is better. I can work.

Food doesn't feel good today. Weird.

Food doesn’t feel good today. Weird.

Why is it so cold today?

Why is it so cold today?

Hey Stop it...i said stop Aaachoo...excuse me

Hey Stop it…i said stop Aaachoo…excuse me

Hey buddy i know you are busy, but could pass me some tissues...my nose...Aaachoo...Excuse me

Hey buddy i know you are busy, but could you pass me some tissues…my nose…Aaachoo…Excuse me

Dude! That's really high. I cant fly that much today. Ahem! hey buddy i was thinking...

Dude! That’s really high. I cant fly that much today. Ahem! hey buddy i was thinking…

Thanks Man! You didnt had to..but thanks anyway...

Thanks Man! You didnt had to..but thanks anyway…


You will pay for...Aachhoo..Stop Laughing..Grrr

You will pay for…Aachhoo..Stop Laughing..Grrr

Huh! Hey guys dont tell anyone. im...Zzz

Huh! Hey guys dont tell anyone. im…Zzz


Alfred im Okay....Zzzz

Alfred im Okay….Zzzz

I cant think of a title for this one…!!!!

I can’t believe but I’m actually looking forward to going to Gotham tomorrow, because this isn’t the break I want again. Sometimes my family ends up being even crazier than me. I think I have found true love in Blueberry Pancakes. Can’t get enough of them.

Today I mailed first two chapters of Jane Doe to 4 friends of mine and I don’t know if they will like it. but good thing, after reading the first 2-3 chapters I end up with editing which is better than not touching the story at all. I think I’m scared of doing things that make me happy and I have no idea why.

Sometimes when I end up going too blue or having a thought I shouldn’t, I try to tell myself that I may have some kind of psychological disorder else I wouldn’t act like this. I envy people who can talk about why or what hurts. I can’t talk so when it hurts I either cry (which is crazy because I can’t cry when I want to, no matter how hard I try and when I’m surrounded by people at most busiest day my tears come right out of nowhere. I have very moody and crappy tear glands.) or I end up eating calories for example, two days of pancakes, hotdog, chocolate pastry, veg toastiest and coffees.

So my obsession with Castle has made me overlook my personal request to myself about sleeping early tonight as I have office tomorrow. I’m so glad my mom will be back by Tuesday. My bag is still packed. Though everyone keeps feeling sorry for me because I missed the wedding I feel weird because I can’t tell them “Its okay no big deal…I’m anyhow wasn’t in a mood to go”. If I said that they will think I’m a nutcase which everyone already thinks. I m pretty sure. Though I must admit I did feel little sad when I was talking to my mom on phone and I could hear everyone around, my cousins and all. For a second I did wish I was there.

14minutes more and my episode will be downloaded and then I can’t watch it and sleep peacefully. Funny thing I took me 4 days to download Flesh and Bone and now I find out the link was bad, its only half movie. fck. Had to find another link and download again. If it wasn’t a Meg Ryan movie I wouldn’t have waited for four days. But I can’t miss on a Meg movie. She is like the most awesome thing about Hollywood.

There are plenty of reasons why I don’t want to marry and what happened today was definitely among top 5 reasons.

Got to go. Goodnight world!

P.S Dear makers of Glee…Seriously?