Meg Meg Meg….!!!!

So as you know I’m a sleep deprived monster who can turn into hulk or crying baby anytime, thus i have decided to call it a night. But before i go let me tell you how awesome the day was, first i get to meet one of my best friends after along time and i get a collection of all….wait for it….MEG RYAN movies.



Yes, you heard it right she burned 5-6 DVDs for me with all the Meg Ryan movies and now i have them all in my possession. Im rich with Meg Movies. Like super rich, even the ones i haven’t seen are with me now. My friend knows me; she knows how happy this collection makes me. I miss her alot sometimes, we go way back to our teens when we were crazy school kids. She is one of those people i worry about.

Even as i try to write my eyes refuses to stay open, so i better go now. Goodnight World!

I have a question before i go…Is it sad if you fall in love with fictional characters?

Little turns 27…!!!!

While I may never find my dawn, but today I found a street light and I’m going to hold onto it for as long as possible. Those who have been reading my posts for last few days, know how broken and blue I have been feeling and how I didn’t wanted to do anything but stay inside my room on my birthday. But I never thought becoming 27 was going to be so awesome.

Since midnight yesterday I have been getting surprises and surprises and surprises. Right now I’m so happy and overwhelmed that I wish to cry (happy tears) but am too exhausted to do so. Phew! What a day. Believe me I thought, okay will meet my friends, eat something nice, sit somewhere nice and come back home. But little did I know my friends had something else planned for me. Not only did I get loads of gifts, I was treated like a queen.

When the clock struck midnight declaring 23rd august my family gifted me a HCL tablet and believe me I was like “Whoa!”, because I always wanted one of these gadgets only I knew I would never buy and never ask for. Then I get up to so many calls and wishes. One of my best friends is back in India for few days (she was in Minneapolis) and so I was like will meet her on my birthday. We talked on phone and planned a meet. Little did I know what she had planned, for me. She took me shopping for my birthday…yay! Then we sat, we talked and we ate. I was so happy to see her, I missed her a lot. She is awesome, not only does she treats me like a little kid sister she also introduces me to things I would never do or know on my own. She is like a style icon.

So I’m happy with the day, because I met my awesome friend and we did shopping and had great time together. Now plan is simple, meet my badminton friend, then meet my office friend and finally a dinner with my parents somewhere nice. But here is the problem.

Me: Hey where are you? Are you coming? Should I meet you somewhere?

Badminton friend: I will come to your place

Then she comes and

Badminton Friend: sorry girl but I won’t be able to stay for long have something to do

Me: really you are busy? but its my birthday?

Badminton Friend: sorry got to go in 5 minutes

I’m like little confused because now things aren’t going the way I had planned. So now I have some time to rest before I meet my office friend.  I’m waiting and waiting but he won’t get free from work.

Me: where are you?

Office friend: Sorry stuck here…10 minutes more

Me: really?

And then I’m sitting out in my balcony wondering how my awesome afternoon has turned into a lame evening. And then finally he calls and asks me to meet him. I get up, pick my keys and drive. I meet him, we talk and he gives a gift and asks me to open it once we are sitting inside. I’m happy again. So I walk inside unaware of what’s coming. As we walk this guy from cafe wishes me happy birthday and presents me with flowers. I smile at my friend because I thought this was nice of him to ask the cafe guys to wish me with the flowers, he got for me. And as I walk towards the corner of the cafe (where we plan to sit) I see balloons lots and lots and lots of it. I see cake, I see gifts and then suddenly I hear SURPRISE and there is my badminton friend and my brother (who also mysteriously disappeared from home in evening).

My two friends and my brother planned all this for me, without letting me know. My best friend and mentor who isn’t in city knew and my mom knew. It was like a great evening. Though I did miss my best friend and mentor, if only she was here.

To be honest i needed this day, i needed so much of excitement and surprises. The kind of breakdown i had last week, i needed this so badly. My life wont go the way i want, but today was like life was telling me “You are screwed baby but don’t worry there are people who love you”.