It was a super sonic Weekend, came and left so quickly…!!!!

Where did the weekend go? I mean WHOOSh it came and vanished. Monday is back and  i wish i could get just one more day off. I can’t believe its Gotham day tomorrow.

Anyhow, ‘We are the Millers’ is a fun movie. So funny. The whole theater was laughing like crazy. If you are a Jennifer Aniston fan then i guess you should watch this movie and if you are not you still got to watch this one. I really don’t enjoy movies with so much of swearing and bad words for it ruins the whole thing for me, maybe that’s why i didn’t like Hangover that much and part 2 was unbearable and i didn’t dare watch part 3. Millers has lots of swearing but movie is well made, way too much better than highly irritating (according to me) Hangover.

Tonight i start with Khaled Hosseini’s ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ finally. I like this author and his first book ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ is my all time favorite. It’s so good that its one book i suggest everyone.

Hoping Monday would be kind to all of us.

Goodnight World!

Sorry Spidy, but Batman stole your thunder…!!!!

Me (looking the watch): 10? I have so much time, i can sleep

Me (looking the watch): 1130? Oh come one, i have time i can sleep

Me (looking the watch): 12? Hmm just 5 minutes more

Me (looking the watch): 1? fEck… aaaaaaaa….

So I turn into Mutant Quicksilver and in a record breaking speed get all ready in 15 minutes

Me (calling my friend who was supposed to pick me as I don’t have my car): Hi

My friend: Two minutes

Me: waiting

My friend: Come downstairs

Me: its 1:32 and we have a movie at 1:35

My friend: Feck

Okay, so that’s how the day started. We did miss the beginning of the movie to the part where Batman comes back to Gotham city. How was the movie? I don’t know if there is a word bigger than Awesome? Maybe, Bloody Awesome.  I mean I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was little scared because Spider-man disappointed me and I didn’t know what to expect from Batman. But Christopher Nolan is the man, he is like brilliant. Last one hour of the movie was WOW. Dark Knight Rises rocks.

Batman is Happy. Thankyou Mr. Nolan.

How was Anne Hathaway? Well I love her and was looking forward to seeing her in the action mode, but I did felt bad for her part. I mean she has this grey side to her and she is too good looking to play that, but she was good. Well Joker movie was awesome but this one goes beyond that.  My favorite scene was when commissioner lights up the fire and the wall brightens up with Bat sign. So heavy. A Super Hero movie that almost made me cry.

Yes, people I’m the new Catwoman. Thankyou Little for the publicity.

Maybe it’s me, but I think Batman outdid Spider-man which is sad in a way because Spider man is my favorite Super Hero.

Well, it was long day today. I also had a good workout today after a long time and have decided to continue this one every day. Man! It feels good to sweat.

The day ended with a family dinner at my aunt’s place which was a difficult situation for me to handle. I’m incapable of behaving like a social animal in front of people, specially my relatives. I just don’t know who to react, i don’t know how to find the right words to start a conversation. Most of the times I get to hear how I don’t take out time for visiting them. Fortunately, I survived the dinner. Truth be told, I’m scared of all my relatives.

One more day to go before its back to being Batman for me.