Once upon a time, Little was happy and kind…!!!!

Some days i feel like im the bad guy in everyone’s life. I was once a beautiful person with a kind heart, now only anger, bitterness and darkness lives inside me.

Some days i try to imagine how different my life would have been if i was born like everyone else. Honestly, i dont know if i want to be anyone else. Being different, being me and being a someone with a 24/7 heartache is kind of sad, heavy and sometimes unbearable, but i cant imagine myself as someone else. I don’t mind the darkness and pain but i wish i could just tame down the anger and outburst.

I just want to be me, without any apoligies

Truth is there is no miracle for me, but i cant help imagining a world where I’m free, I’m  happy, I’m 100% me and I’m real.

The Green Batman…!!!!

Just a busy week or should i say busy month…whatever it is, bloody ruining my awesomeness. Right now i would just love to get up, quit and walk away. But then its not me, its the anger that’s doing the talking.

Yep! Angry that’s what im.

Am suppose to work right now but m blogging because im angry and i don’t care about Gotham’s rules, at least not right now. Cause right now am more of Hulk than Batman, so i don’t care or want to care.

Superheroes don’t get vacation, they get battles & secrets.

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