Richie Rich’s Anatomy?

If only i was rich, so rich. No no i dont want to go on a shopping spree or buy a Ferrari , i just want to be rich so i could just stay home all day, sleep all day, live in my pajamas, work on my stories all day and never go to work.

What can i say? Some days im pissed at world for being unfair and biased to those who need compassion, some days i hate world for not seeing me and breaking my fall and then there are days like today, when i cant stop wondering what if i was rich enough to not go to Gotham and spend days and nights reading and writing.

Feels like im dreaming…!!!!

It a beautiful day, though its very cold outside and for some reason winter is enjoying playing hide and seek. Im happy because im sitting in my pajamas listening to ABBA and Brandi Carlile in shuffle mode, while working on Jane Doe. Yes, im writing since yesterday and doing nothing else. Right now, right here i feel good. Feels like im dreaming.

A lazy weekend where i get to write is nothing but heaven. I feel calm, peaceful and a sense of happiness. I have done major work on my story and if i could get just one more weekend like this, im sure i will get to the point where i can show it to my friends.

o how i love writing with music playing in the back. What would i have done if i wasn’t a writer? How would i have faced the blues then?

Enjoy the “fools rush in” version by Brandi Carlile. Its amazing. I think im getting obsessed with her music.

Sleep now or later, you cant avoid Monday…so, just sleep dammit!!

Yesterday I spent half of my day wondering about past, present and future. Why do we do that when nothing goes the way we plan? Or maybe things do go the way plan, only I never planned anything that happened or is happening.

Anyhow, I didn’t get my “two days in my pajamas weekend with no outing”. But I did had a refreshing break from Gotham. I wonder what kind of Monday it would be. All I know I have to get me a tetanus injection in morning as I fell today. Funny scene, don’t even ask. For the record, I’m not scared of injections or needles. I just dislike being in a hospital.

I finished my book. YES. I did not leave it in between and best part I have started with another one.

I have been meaning to post a page from Dominique or Jane Doe (this way I get to do some work on them) but my laptop is in accessible. I miss my laptop.

Today I also realised something. Sometimes I do a strange thing, I asses my conversation with people. I try to replay it in my mind to judge it on the scale of cool and lame. Because, I’m a nervous speaker and I’m bad with saying things without trying to make a fool of me. Crazy.

Which reminds me of a conversation I had with my mother today. I think she knows I’m blue, only she has no idea why. Sometimes a part of me imagine myself talking to her a real heart to heart,but that would be the end of things as I know it. She loves me, everyone around me loves me. You must be wondering how is that a problem? Someday I will explain.

I am babbling because its 130 am and my mind has officially closed its door to anything that makes sense. Got to go now. Reason I like to stay awake till late, it buys me some more time from facing a morning routine, pretending and non-stop hours of headphones on me.

Goodnight world!

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Happy Batman day…!!!!

Sitting on the floor of my living room with my laptop and a horribly gone wrong coffee, i am trying to work on my concept for NaNoWriMo.  Music in background is Glee Mashup of Rumor has it/Someone like you. Gosh! Adele is like super awesome.

I have one hour before i get up, get out of my pajamas and get ready for the dentist appointment. Right now, right here, i wish time would stop. Feel so calm, so peaceful and so safe. Man! I love lazy Saturdays.

Happy Saturday Batman day…!!!! 🙂