Thankyou for 200…!!!!!!

Like they say every night is a sign of a dawn, while I may not get mine but I did get a nice day after yesterday’s darkness.  What happened yesterday was nothing but a close meet with a major fact of my life that won’t change, so why sulk and ruin it all. Today is another day and a better one. I woke up to a beautiful rainy morning with a pleasant weather and thanks to my early-to-bed routine I was all active and fresh and enjoying the work pressure.

But there is another reason why I’m smiling right now. Its 1:50 are and that means my birthday has just begun. While I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday much, I guess its going to change because already nice things have started to happen. I will give a full birthday detail tomorrow because for right now I have a thank you to give.

Today is also 200th post for my blog, which is a super awesome thing for me because this blog means so much to me now. I can’t believe I have managed to reach the 200 number because I was never serious about blogging when I made this blog and in fact I stopped blogging for a while. But now it’s like I can’t sleep unless I update a post and check few blogs. It’s like my diary now, I do feel guilty for leaving pen and paper but I’m so in love with my blog.

Party Time…!!!!

My blog not only lets me express what I want, happiness, anger, pain or love, it also made me meet some amazing people from different parts of the world. I mean I have made friends and it means a lot. When I started blogging regularly I was afraid of writing what’s on my mind wondering if I should write any post which is sad and simply declares me as a crazy demented dark soul with nothing but blues to share. I tried to refrain from being honest but then I guess I forgot my own rule of not sharing. At times being honest can be difficult but fact that my readers  are so awesome, I can be myself. And one day I might actually be able to talk about the real stuff, the one that makes me a Super Hero all the time.

Since it’s my 200th blog I want to thank each one of you, those who comment, those who like, those who read silently and those who have become a part of me. Can’t thank you enough