Happy Birthday Maggie…

You gave me movies that not only make me believe in happy endings and old school true romance, but your work has helped me through some tough days. I want to thank you for your movies that i have binged upon and did marathon with when i was running low on smiles and hopes. Kay or Rita or Maggie or Kathleen or Sally or Annie…I’m in love with every single character of yours.

For Meg fans  – pfeifferpfilmsandmegmovies.com/2012/11/18/meg-ryans-birthday/



You dont want to be in love…you want to be in love in a movie!

So i come home, i do some workout and then fall on my parents bed, since i was home alone, and click on a movie channel to find Sleepless in Seattle playing.

Im watching it again, im loving it and then i hear it…the line… “You dont want to be in love…you want to be in love in a movie”

Okay! Wow. Was that for me? Isn’t that what i say? that i want to live a movie.

So i watched some more before my brother walked in who doesn’t like this movie. And so we switch to some cricket match,as he tells me about his day and we discuss other things. While all this is happening my brain is still thinking about Meg Ryan.

Did i ever mention this before that im a total Meg crazy? maybe i did. 🙂

Gotta go now. My laptop will be okay by Friday.
Goodnight world.

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