Dear Agnes Obel…!!!!

There are these words in my heads, roaming around in random manners dying to come out but I don’t speak. I don’t speak or write or talk. So they keep jumping around making me feel heavy. I feel heavy because I want to talk.

Am angry at the world right now, so much that I want to continue talking and speaking till every single word inside my head is gone away and I can’t feel the heaviness. But I don’t. I don’t speak.

I think Agnes Obel is the only person whose songs are impossible to kill. I have been hooked to Aventine for days now and its like every time I listen to the song it feels like fresh daisies, even if I have it on replay mode. For someone with a reputation to kill a song, I truly believe she is a Super Hero of music world. You cant defeat her music. No you cant. If I could personally write to her it would go something like this:

Dear Agnes,

I would like to pretend we are good friends and we know each other, but I don’t think we can be friends for you are way too awesome to hang out with. You are a Super Hero. Your music is kind of saving me from some very hard things dancing inside my head. I wish I could tell you how awesome your music, the piano and the whole package with violin and the lyrics is. I would be lying if I said I was always a big fan, I wasn’t. I grew up breathing on Britney and Avril, I still bow to them. But then life happened, grown up life and I found you. Confession I found you from an episode of Revenge and since then I haven’t stopped stuffing my phone with every single song of yours. Among the Gaga, Savage Garden, Evanescence and Macklemore playlist, your songs stand like fresh daisies. Like I said, even on a replay mode they don’t die.

I know this might be the worst fan letter ever, but let me tell you I’m not a big crazy fan I’m just someone who cant imagine not listening to your songs when things go bad. They kind of tell me to close my eyes, go to my happy place and keep it together cause that’s what super heroes do. They fight. Sorry, I forgot to mention this before I kind of believe I’m a Super Hero too and that’s why I have so much respect for you. We are from same deal, we are heroes. Only you are a hero with a power to save people, I on other hand have no power but a lot of fight to go through.

Thanking you for your music from the bottom of  my super messed up heart that breathes on a lot of things and your songs are one of them.

P.S Aventine is awesome but dude Riverside is wow.



I don’t think I should ever be allowed to write a fan letter to anyone, cause for someone whose job is to write I suck at writing a simple Thankyou-For-Your-Music-Im-A-Fan letter.

I better go now, for its way too late and I have a busy busy day tomorrow. I can hear voices in my head laughing at what I had promised myself about sleeping early. God! I’m going to be in trouble tomorrow. So much for the plan and check list.

Goodnight World!

Versatile and Beautiful Blogger Award….!!!!!

Few days back I received nomination for Versatile-and-beautiful-blogger award by one of my WP friend But due to the kind of mood I was in I was delaying the acknowledgment of the award because that would be so wrong to say ‘YaY I got an award’ while I’m listening to Savage Garden’s Gunning Down Romance.

How Anxious’s blog is sort of like my blog…it reminds me of me I don’t know why, maybe because HA writes things happening in life, true feeling. I too write things happening to me, indirectly I project my mood to readers who don’t know me but love to send me hugs and smiles when I’m down.  HowAnxious is as awesome as me, believe me and I would like to thank my friend HA for giving me the nomination and for writing honest and true.

Okay rules, 7 things about me…

1 – I can’t swim

2 – I love to observe people when they think no one is watching them…this includes only my loved ones. I don’t stare at strangers because that would make me creepy.  😛

3 – I find Alice Cullen more pretty than Bella in Twilight movie

4- I once reached my college in 11 minutes which isn’t supposed to happen because my college is sort of far from my place. I remember some guy screaming at me because I think we were going to collide. I used to drive my scooter like crazy back then.

5 – I am desperate to win this years’ office chess tournament.

6- I don’t like to go to weddings

7- I love FRIENDS more than How I Met Your Mother. I can watch it again and again and laugh like crazy.

Now people to nominate

They are some of my favorite bloggers, seriously. Just visit them once and you would fall in love with them, like i’m. There should be an award where i can nominate everyone i know on WordPress, because they are all so bloody awesome.

A song i found on one of the blogs i follow WordPress. I think you might like it too.