Alter ego and doppelganger…not everyone has a Barbie house fantasy!!!!

What would you do to know that you are not alone? I mean to know that there are actually people like you, actual real breathing people…who are just like you. Knowing that you aren’t the only kind in the world is a priceless feeling.

I have never met someone like me but I would like to believe that one day I would. I would like to take comfort in the fact that am not the only one like im, there are so many nut heads like me. Who are good people, but messed up like me.

I don’t know why its important for me to know this or to meet someone like me. But it kind of makes world less scary and empty.

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Little is too sad to be scared…!!!!

Saw Conjuring today…not for everyone. Dont think the people I went with will get a goodnight sleep today. 😛

You know why watching a horror movie is a good idea when battling mood swings? You don’t get scared. You are too busy inside your head and thus you actually appreciate the hard work in the movie, for you are not busy closing your eyes or shutting down your ears with your hands on them. True Story!

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