Dark Passenger or Dumb Passenger? DEXTER SPOILER ALERT

Spoiler Alert:

I’m highly disappointed with the finale of Dexter’s last season. Before i go on talking about what the hell happened let me answer a simple question “why i was avoiding blogging for past few days?”… Answer is simple – I don’t know.

Now that you know that i don’t know lets go back to Dexter. Its juts crazy how you have this very brilliant, out of ordinary and out of box concept of a serial killer who kills only bad guys, who is struggling to be normal around family and friends who adore him for he is nothing but a sweet geeky guy who loves bowling and boating. And then, you just screw it all in the end.

Past few days i have been busy doing nothing but watching back to back episodes of The Killing because im obsessed with it. Let’s be honest im scared now, what will be the finale of The Killing, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle and Vampire Diaries. Dexter broke my heart into a million pieces and in ways that i am scared about same happening by other shows. I thought  it’s just me, then my brother said the same thing and then i checked internet and saw everyone is saying the same thing. Why Dexter why.

Hanna- Debra

I totally hate the way they handled things with Debra Morgan. Bad way to kill her character, of course i didn’t wanted her to die but if they had to kill her …Dude! Throwing her in sea? What’s got into you Dexter? Dark Passenger or Dumb Passenger? I get the whole idea of not letting your sister suffer, but couldn’t you just take out the ventilator system and leave Deb there?

DEXTER (Season 8)

I mean What the F…I was totally disappointed with the ending of Prison Break but what Dexter did is super sad. Two most extraordinary shows ended in most sloppy ways. Totally crazy.

You should have met me few years back…!!!!

Somebody remind me why I stopped watching Nikita? Oh yes I got busy with other shows. This is a perfect example of “Out of sight, out of mind” thing. It happens you know; only exceptional people can fight this theory.

Anyhow, so back to Nikita. My friend and I have planned another slumber party for coming Friday, as we plan to watch two back to back PLL episodes including the grand mid-season finale with lots of good food. We both are totally into PLL and came up with this whole idea of finishing last two episodes together with popcorn, pasta and other nice nice stuff. So she banned me from watching PLL’s remaining episode alone and I had to do something to pass the day. This is what happens when you don’t have the thing you want, you start looking for comfort in other stuff. I found Nikita’s season 2 folders and now I can’t stop myself from watching it. I have been watching it back to back now and am almost on verge of finishing S2.

Dammit! Now I have to wait till October for all my shows to return and Nikita has been added to the list too. I don’t know how I got distracted with other shows and left this one unattended after its first season. I love the team Nikita, Alex, Michael and Berkoff. The whole silent friendship and mentor student relationship between Nikita and Alex makes me sort of emotional. Fact that Nikita loves every member of her team and is ready to save their asses anytime without fearing her life is so damn cool.

Man I love fiction, books or TV; I just love the whole ability to enter a different world for a while. I mean don’t we just end up being the best buddy of the main guy or lead girl and wish everything would happen right for him or her, get sad when one of the character gets hurt or dies and feel the confusion when everything is messed up in the life of the characters. Or maybe it’s just me. That could be the case, after all I’m tend to take solace in fiction to feel things I can’t feel in real life.

Yesterday while I was working on Dominique to upload the page, I almost uploaded one of the main pages the one that gives you a major introduction to the protagonist but I didn’t. I don’t want judgements on Dominique, I can’t take criticism on this one because it is something I’m writing for me and knowing that what I’m writing is being disliked would make me stop. I know I shouldn’t care because I m writing it for personal reasons and also to prove myself that can finish a story. I’m not sure what’s stopping me or maybe I do. I always know.

Tomorrow I have a lunch plan with old college girls and I can’t avoid this one. Though I would love to, but I have already avoided so many such occasions that at one point you can’t do a thing but give your presence for sake of leverage you get in order to avoid next 5 such occasion. You just have to attend one social gathering and then ignore next five saying ‘hey I loved it last time, only I wish I could make it’. I have utilized all my leverages and now I can’t ignore tomorrow’s lunch.

My badminton friend is also my college friend and she knows how badly I want to not go, but then the best she can do is try to get us out of there asap. It is hard for me to explain why I’m scared of being a part of a circle I once enjoyed. Mostly it’s the questions about life and work.

Set of questions I run from-

What you are still working at same place?

Why don’t you look for a new job?

Are you seeing someone?

When are you getting married?

Why are you still single?

So what are your plans now?

What is up with you? You don’t call or meet?

Why don’t you come for a get together anymore?

Believe me I have answers for each of them, only they are as much messed up as I’m which means they won’t sound like answers to them.

Let me share another theory of life with you – happy people do not get things, no matter how messed up they are for you. A person who is happy is colour blind to twisted darkness. I do not wish to disrespect anyone because I wish to be a part of team happy too.

Anyhow, I will go and present the best of me with lots of smiles and excuses to dodge rising eyebrows, lots of “WHY” questions and silent “She is weird” head shrugs. How do I get myself into these lunches anyways? O I forgot I was once social. Dammit Little!

Do you guys think I’m crazy? Maybe I’m crazy. Reminds me of Damon Salvatore’s line from Vampire Dairies when he said to Elena “You should have met me in 1864, you would have liked me”.

You guys should have met me few years back, you would have liked me. I am sure, maybe, I think so…I hope so!!