The disowned art…

Ended up writing a short story on a woman suffering from mental illness…Guess 2am brings out the dead writer in me…

Don’t waste your time staring at me, she said

I’ve got nothing better to do, he said

What do you see, she demanded

Well you certainly aren’t a piece of art, he grinned

Then why don’t you find yourself a museum, she growled

I did only it has the damaged goods on display, he raised his eyebrow

Why don’t you walk away then, she enquired

In that rusted piece of you lies a magnet field, he complained

The sun is making you spit nonsense, she muttered

Your eyes I’m talking about your eyes, he pointed

What about them, she questioned

Even behind a dead soul they shine so bright & blinding, he smiled

What is your name, she smiled back

Albert, he smoothen his tie

Well Albert you’re doomed now for them eyes are cursed, she laughed

How so, he frowned

Anyone who has ever fallen in them has never recovered from the fall, she whispered

How many of them, he wondered

Two so far, she cried

What happened to them, he swallowed a lump

The fall broke them enough to walk away and never come back, she turned away

Might I try the jump, he cleared his throat

My poor Albert you’ve already taken the fall now wait till it hits you, she winked

I won’t walk away, he announced

So said the father & the son, she choked

Maggie and Leo…!!!!

I kept pacing up and down  room waiting for her to come back, wondering what I would say to her. How could I let her go? She said she is in love with me and I refused to let her in my life. Why was my past letting me not see what I want? So I waited and I slept. It was somewhere around midnight when I heard the knock. I found myself sleeping on the couch in the living room of the suite.

“Who is this?” I asked

“Hey Leo…dude it’s me john” John? What was he doing here? Was he looking for Maggie? I opened the door only to find Maggie in his arm.

“Is she okay?” I wasn’t sure how I managed to stop myself from worrying myself to death

“Yeh! Look mate she has had too much that’s all. Tell her not to call now” he placed her in the bedroom. Cleaning his jacket with his hand he looked around “nice room man”

“Okay hold on” I wasn’t sure what was happening “why is she so drunk? And what happened?”

“Relax dude, she got drunk, broke up with me and danced with every guy in the bar” he lit his cigarette. “And I couldn’t found Alice so I brought her myself”

“You broke up?” What? No! She broke up with him? For me?

“Yeh we kinda had it coming. We were never serious and I guess its good you know” he smiled


“Yes! We both are too young to be serious and its Venice my friend, you can’t spend your time in Italy being committed. There are fishes…ITALIAN fishes” he made sure he highlighted the Italian part. Douche bag! I silently swore. Italian fishes? Who is this guy and where did Maggie found him? A part of me was relieved that Maggie didn’t had to be with him at least.

“Man i think I will miss her a little though. Oh I have a chick waiting for me at the bar. Shit!” and he left. I closed the door, scratched my forehead and walked inside. Even in her messed up state she looked beautiful, so beautiful. I wish I could get the courage to tell her I love you back. I wish I wasn’t scared of accepting.

Closing the door to the room I went back to the couch and tried to get some sleep.


I woke up with a headache and found myself back in the hotel suite. I sat up and looked around in the empty room foolishly hoping for Leo to be there. What have I done? I messed up the friendship we had by telling him I loved him. Didn’t I know he was still in love with the girl he dated? Will things be same again? Oh Maggie what have you done? And then it struck me I even left John. At least you aren’t lying to John now, I said to myself.

I closed my eyes and started shaking my head you have lost it all, just then I heard the door open. He was there standing with a tray in his hand and a smile on his face.

“Morning” he walked up to me “here have some juice”

I took the glass from his hand, sipped and kept it back on the tray. He was looking right at me, his eyes trying to read my mind. I was about to apologise when he put his finger on my lips.

“Don’t say anything” he took my face in his hand

“I don’t know what stopped me? I don’t know how I couldn’t say? But I love you. I love you so much that I was scared of being heartbroken again. You are amazing. You are so amazing and special to me that I didn’t wanted my feelings to destroy what we had, even if I called it friendship” “but I’m not going to be scared anymore and please don’t hit me” he kissed me

“John and I…” I tried to explain

“shh…” he got up, sat next to me and put his arm over me “I know” he said. I closed my eyes and leaned my head over his shoulder wondering if it’s a dream I better not open my eyes

“Hey Maggie” he said

“Hmm” I did not open my eyes

“I thought I lost you” and I looked up into his eyes and said “Nah! I don’t think I was done doing dramas to get you back” and we both started laughing.

—-The End—-