Dominique and Kristine…!!!!

It was raining that day and i got late from recording that night. In a short span of 5 months, i had managed to find myself a job as a guitarist and even got a place in this small music band of 3 people. I considered it my luck that Ron Outen was present in the club when i sang my first karaoke solo at the pub i was working at. He asked me to come and meet his friends, we did few songs together and in 2 days they called me to tell me they want me to join their band. “The Chains” was what we they called themselves and it was a small size band looking for gigs at bars or pubs or weddings. I was smiling thinking about my luck, when i thought i heard a crash somewhere ahead. I drove ahead and knew i was about to witness an accident. I jumped from my bike and ran towards the car that had crashed in to the bridge’s pillar. That’s when i saw her for the first time, lying unconscious with her head titled and blood coming from her right temple

“Hello? Hey are you okay?” i shouted as i wasn’t sure if she could hear me. She smelled of alcohol and something else that i couldn’t recognize.

“My scarf” she said with her eyes half-open. She wasn’t hurt much but she could barely stand on her own.

“Scarf?” i looked inside the car and found nothing. I looked around and there was a green scarf lying next to the front tire. I got the scarf and then helped her out of the car. I made her sit on the pavement far from the car, as i didn’t know if the car was going to explode. I was expecting it to go into flames anytime and kept telling myself it just happens in movies relax. I then went back to the car looking for a bag, a wallet or anything that would tell me her name. Her bag was stuck under the airbag and it took me five minutes before i could get it out. Everything felt like a scene from movies and i wasn’t sure what to do next. I thought of taking her to a hospital but she looked okay to me, so i thought about calling someone from her phone but i wasn’t sure for how long would i be able to keep us here under rain. So i went back to her

“Hey what’s your name?” i asked but got no reply. She was heavily drunk and probably didn’t even know that she was in an accident. Shit! Now what? Okay time for some action Dom.

“Hey Ron” i knew Ron was the only person who could help at this hour. Ron sounded sleepy and worried because he wasn’t sure why was i calling him so late. I told him i needed little favour and asked him to search for phone number of a mechanic or car tolling company. After 10 minutes i had the number i needed. I made a call and asked them to pick a car from the bridge and gave them my address. I knew now what i had to do; only problem was that my co passenger was drunk. I ran towards my bike and parked it next to her. I tied the scarf to her and hung the bag over her neck and then helped her on to the bike in front of me. She sat facing me, almost sleeping with her head on my shoulders and her arms crossing my neck, while I drove slowly in the rain towards my apartment. My mind was racing with possible outcome of what I just did. You could get arrested for kidnapping or driving like this I reminded myself. The only thing that was in my favour was the fact that it was too late for me to find cops on road and my apartment was only 10 minutes away.

Once inside, I gave her my bed and bandaged her bleeding temple. I was too tired to do anything else or think of calling her friends or family. Kicking my shoes away I fell onto the couch and slept.

I woke to a phone call from Ron asking if I was okay. He was concerned about my calling him so late and asking for a car toll company.

“Yes, I’m fine” I yawned “Ron when is the next jam?” I was hoping he would say not today, but he didn’t. “Sure I will be there at 6. Thanks again”. I hung up and looked around and saw that she was still asleep.