Blogger or Blabber? Who cares, its frekn 600th post…Yay

Yesterday i played 5 games of Chess and i won every single game but i wonder why cant i do same when im playing at the yearly Chess Tournament at Gotham. While it was a good day for  me, it wasn’t for my buddy Federer. Anyways, who cares about final now. Victory or no victory i’m always Team Federer…!!!!

Before i go babbling, this is my 600th post and so i want to say YAY…!!!!!!!!!

Crazy right? I think blogging and music have become my drug cant do without them. 6oo posts is super crazy and wow considering the fact that im not even a serious, funny, political, or freshly post material. Im just a messed up person who was once a diary writer and is now a serial blogger.

Hey, i have also added a new page to my blog Poet inside Little’s Head. This one has all the so called poems that i have written so far in my blog. I just compiled them in one place because i have been meaning to do that for so long now. Im not a poet but sometimes i end up scribbling words in a manner which could, from a very far angle, resemble to something like a poem.

Thankyou for being a part of my blog journey…Little doesn’t blog she blabbers but she likes doing it.

Technically, we are on break…you cant call it cheating

Right now I can’t stop smiling because my favorite IPL team has won and what a game I tell you. If you are a cricket fan then this was the match worth watching because it made the whole country stop. It was a day of sports for me, because today after a long time I played Badminton and it felt so good to get all tired and sweaty. And then I come home to a match I could not take my eyes offs.

It was a good Sunday because I did things I have been ignoring…no I still didn’t clean my wardrobe or worked on my assignments but still. I worked on Dominique and that a big deal for me. Last night I found this amazing song by Florence and the Machine and it’s a perfect soundtrack for one of the key scenes in Dominique. I have been listening to it again and again, thus building the scene in my head. Have already started with few pages. It feels good to write Dominique because it makes me happy and feel good about myself. This may not be my best story but this is a special one.

Then I also read my book which I have been keeping aside for so many days and am almost on verge of finishing it. I could do it tonight but I plan to sleep early and get up early. I intend to continue my badminton workout everyday now. Finally I wrote, I read and I played…how cool is that?

I guess I should be thankful to the fact that all my favorite shows are on a break and that leaves me free till the Fall…yes I know PLL will be back in 10 days but still it’s just Tuesdays (in my case Wednesdays). I feel good right now. Its like am cheating on my favorite shows in their absence, but since Glee, Greys, Revenge, Dexter and me are on break…you cant call it cheating 😉

I just hope I don’t start watching any other show or find some new show…because as far as I’m concerned my love for fiction can ruin even the small gap I have to do things I have been ignoring.

Now i just need to stick to my “reach office on time” mission…because if I wish to continue with my badminton workout I need to change my routine.