Fiction makes everything okay…!!!!

Today I saw this movie “English Vinglish” and it was so cute. I think like Barf I would end up watching this one again too. While the movie had a whole different lesson to give but the one I took was simple – it’s not difficult to fall in love with someone, you are not suppose to. Can you stop yourself in falling love? Can you tell yourself to walk away? Don’t think so, though you can walk away but you can’t stop the heart, the emotions and the pain.

So last night I saw Grey’s Anatomy and Glee and it was a sad night, I mean the episodes were so sad. All the break ups in Glee and the unhappy aftermath of plane crash in Grey’s was just so weirdly sad for me. Santana and Finn come back finally but it’s for the breakup…yay! Wasn’t I waiting? Anyhow, looks like my happy go lucky Dr Robins has turned into crappy sad woman. I fear the story is going towards her exit from the show. Lovely.

I also had Castle and The New Normal to watch today which was not bad.  I have also downloaded few movies for tomorrow. There is a reason why I love to stay up all night and watch shows and movies. It takes me away from the world I live in, it makes me smile and feel emotions I lock-up and stay away from. Fiction makes everything okay. It does!

Funny thing happened today, as usual we were late. In fact we were like super crazy late because we started from our place when the movie was supposed to start at the cinemas. So plan was simple, we were suppose to watch the movie and then meet an old college friend for lunch but we were not suppose to tell her that we went for a movie (long story).

Okay, so my friend is driving like crazy almost screaming at people for driving on road and I’m trying to stop myself from laughing at the scene. I said something like:

Me: Imagine we reach there and R (the friend we were suppose to meet) is also there watching the same movie

My friend: O crap, this could happen you know

Me: Laughing hard

My friend: Driving super fast

So, after few minutes I again start

Me: Imagine if we bump into J (another friend who we haven’t met for long but was suppose to)

My friend: Crap…that’s not helping I’m already worried about missing 15 minutes of the movie

Me: laughing hard

So we reach the cinema, while my friend drives down to the basement parking I ran inside to get the online ticket we booked in advance. I m standing at the counter asking the sweet counter girl to hurry up as I’m late, when I hear someone behind me and I turn around to find S (an old college friend I have fallen out of touch with because I rarely go to any coffee or lunch programs with the college girls). She says something which if decoded meant “OMG! You are alive. I thought you got married and went somewhere with a crazy husband “. Though she didn’t say anything like that but my eyes were reading her lips this exact way. I smiled said few words, we both were in hurry and so she said something like “Stay in touch” and I said something like “yes yes definitely” which sounded like a big fat lie to even the counter girl.

I rushed inside the cinema, took my seat and told my friend what happened and it was her turn to laugh, because while I was trying to scare her about bumping into people she was avoiding it happened to me. Is this karma?

Well, the movie was good, lunch was disaster but overall it was a fine Saturday which also means weekend is almost over with one more day to go. Crap!

RIP McSteamy…Dammit! Shonda Rhimes.

Its 2 am in the morning or night, whatever, and I’m hungry and sort of tired from my episode marathon from different shows. 2 episodes of Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee and finally The New Normal. Super tired.

So am I glad I chose Grey’s before Glee and New Normal? You betcha. I was so looking forward to GA but honestly I’m sort of not happy with the episode. No flash back to what happened and more goodbyes. How does Shonda Rhimes sleep at night? I mean she has a perfect show still…Sigh. I drove home all excited but all I got was things I feared. I knew they were going to kill more people, now that Mark is gone I’m afraid so afraid they are going to send away Arizona too. Honestly I love Arizona, she is or maybe was the only happy face among the dark and twisted team of awesome doctors.

And what’s with Glee? Brittany and Sam…Shaking my head. Okay maybe this is where I need a smiley with both hands on sideways.

Anyhow, its weekend and I am happy for that.

There is this thing that sometimes bugs me, all the time I should say, because I often don’t agree to it. Bragging is awesome, I would do if I could but I guess don’t have anything to brag about and never will. Maybe I can brag about my blog or ability to be awesome but again that would mean nothing to normal people. So its bragging that bugs me, not the kind of bragging where one is showing off his/her car, big house, awesome job, amazing partner or love or other things, one basically brags about. It’s the kind of bragging where one talks proudly and in you-don’t-know-what-I’m-talking about tone of a thing that you do know about.

I don’t know I can’t explain you what I’m trying to say. I know what’s wrong, my awesomeness level is down because I’m tired and sleep deprived. This is where I usually look around for a hug and realize it’s not always free.

Dear me,

You are awesome…now repeat after me A.W.E.S.O.M.E…let’s try one more time.


I don’t know if practising like this everyday will actually make me turn into a shining star and fill  my mind with no memories but just a word. Will it? Let’s find out. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome…phew! I do need to sleep first and then start tomorrow. Goodnight world!



Okay this this crazy now the songs i want to add are showing as just links and no video.. 😦 !!!!

Super Heroes can fall too, but they are still Super Heroes…!!!!

My last tag line on my BBM (Before my mobile company ditched me like a lover who cares no more) was lyrics from a Glee song “hit me with the worst you got n knock me down, I don’t care”. Now see here I was just singing a song I wasn’t serious. Life thought “wow challenge accepted”. Life turns into Barney Stinson and turns into a finicky little creature whose main agenda of the day, apart from other things, also included sending something my way. A fever that started on Saturday night ended up being a major trouble. I’m okay now, lot better but what I went through and I’m still going though is not easy to explain. While doctor made me give blood test and urine test to see if I have Malaria only to later tell me it’s just viral, I realized it’s some kind of infection. Life had suddenly become the scene from Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman 2 where he loses his powers midair and falls down hard.

Super Heroes can fall too..

In short, all I can say, it has been a very painful week, sleepless nights and so much of mental-physical exhaustion. The pain and exhaustion is still there and won’t go for few days. But I’m better now; after all I’m a Super Hero. Yes yes I know you know but I thought saying it again might make me smile. So I’m a Super Hero. Good news I’m better today like “wow I don’t have fever today” better. I hope it’s a sign of recovery and not just another joke. In past few days I discovered another awesome show (thanks to my awesome fellow Gleek and blogger friend Pia) named The New Normal. It’s a new show and so awesome. I love it. Okay so now I have it all, this new show, Glee is back; Grey’s is back and on Sunday I get to welcome Revenge and Dexter. Even HIMYM is back. Nikita is on its way too. PLL is still far away, but I guess I have my plate full. Yay! Do you know what day is today? Thursday I know but it’s not just any Thursday…it’s the day when I find out if Shonda Rhimes has killed anyone again. Technically I will find it on Friday because of the time difference. I can wait, in fact tomorrow night is going to be LEGEND-wait for it…man this line never gets old- DARY because I will have Greys and Glee for my Friday night party with myself. Awesome. Sadly I won’t have any ice-cream this time or another fun thing to eat because I ain’t well enough. Got to go now, have one more day of Gotham before I rest nonstop for two days. This week I have literally ignored Gotham, just couldn’t go. Goodnight world!

You know Kitty im not really sick…my super powers are just taking a break…!!