Date with Meg Ryan on a Saturday night…!!!!

Last night was fun and just what I needed because I had a super tiring and exhausting day at Gotham. Saturday is supposed to be my day off but yesterday I had to work and it was very busy day. So I came home kind of tired, my neck was killing me and I was like “I need my Saturday”. But I can’t get my Saturday now, not till next weekend.

So, I sat with my headphones and did what I love the most, a movie marathon. I watched two back to back Meg movies. First one mad me cry like baby, I was crying and wiping tears off my face worried what if my brother walked in the room. Don’t want to be the girl who cries watching movies. Second one was my happy movie to counter the heavy emotions of first movie.

Movies I saw were Courage Under Fire and Kate & Leopold.


I truly believe Courage Under Fire is one of most underrated Meg movies, probably because it’s more of a Denzel Washington movie. Its one movie I can’t watch without crying just can’t.  I mean every time I watch it I end up being a cry baby wiping her tears with sleeves of her sweatshirt. Yeah! I cry when I watch a movie but that’s just between you and me. When her character says “No Surrender” I pretend she is saying that for me when I’m ready to give on my sanity.

I have decided to catch up with Meg movies that i haven’t seen for i don’t know what reason. That’s how my Saturday nights are going to go now.

I have been also listening to this one song again and again. I am not a Taylor Swift fan but there are few songs of her that I love including Mine. I think Mine is a beautiful song but I love its Glee version more.

It’s Sunday and tomorrow I have Gotham again which makes me sad because my weekend was a tiny little glimpse of sunshine. I wish life was like Kate & Leopold, where I could just find true love and leave everything to follow my heart. But that’s where reality and movie differ, the ease of finding happiness, love and happy endings.

I would now like to use my few hours of Sunday to work on one of my stories. I just realised I lost few pages of Dominique when my laptop crashed few months back. Made me so so sad.

Wishing you all a Happy Sunday…

Little has a crush on young Robert De Niro, but she is still team Jodie Foster…!!!!

It was a very very busy and exhausting day at Gotham, infact this whole week has been tiring. And, unfortunately, there are still two more days to go before I get my weekend. I dont know if I can make it another two days.

I need a haircut, a weekend, a day in my room, an episode marathon, some writing, loud music, cup of nice coffee, book shopping…that’s it for now.

Truth is my list of things I need or want is pretty big, but I cant even make it as small as one word.

If I can get my dawn, I think I will be okay. But freedom comes with a cost and I dont think I can afford my independence.

On a brighter note, let me tell you something that you didnt know. I saw “Taxi Driver” and Its lot different from the kind of movies I see but Robert De Niro blew my mind. Im all team Jodie Foster. The woman is role model and a brilliant actress. Period. But when I saw Taxi Driver, my eyes were soley on Robert De Niro. Okay firstly his work was really nice and secondly he looks so bloody good looking. I have never seen any of his old movies, so I have never seen him young. Young De Niro can beat any guy today.

Yes the movie was little too dark but the work put in by Robert and Jodie is brilliant. Not my kind of cinema but good cinema. My kind of dark movies are Girl Interrupted and Suckerpunch.

Got to go now.

Goodnight world!

P.S tell me names of old movies that are worth watching. I have heard about Breakfast at Tiffanys is good.

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My boss has a weird sense of humour…!!!!

My laptop is inaccessible and I left charger of my tablet at my friend’s place, so trying to blog from my lovely phone.
I have been spending a lot of time with blogs. I work on office blog at day and then I come home to my own.

Today was a strange day, I was welcomed with a series of mails from my boss. I freaked out and I knew I’m in for a lecture because of all the issues mentioned in the mail. My boss is nice but (in office) he doesn’t smile much, doesn’t laugh much and his mails are always formal and serious. So I panicked, I tried to think, I asked my team to immediately start fixing the issues and meanwhile I tried to think of strategy to make sure everything is done.

So I briefed everyone and got back to my seat trying to work on things I can, that’s when I see that my boss is in office early. Okay Little don’t panic I tell myself.

This is what happened:

Am working and he comes to my seat.

Me: hello sir
He: hi (in a very nice and sweet tone)
Me: silent
He: there are few things (smiling probably he saw my am-dead look)
Me: yes sir
He: will join you n team in a minute (and smiling again)
Me: silent n confused

I think I failed to listen what he said next because I couldn’t help, but notice his good mood and extra long smiles.

I wanted to say – seriously dude not funny. All those serious mails and now you are smiling. Really? Not funny.

Though I found his change in mood weird and confusing, am glad he was cheerful. Phew! Sometimes life just tries to freak you out to have some fun, it was one of those days.

It was also one of the busiest and most tiring Monday. I couldn’t even manage five minutes to take a walk to downstairs and get me a frappe. I was also getting bugged with my bangs that have grown long and now I can’t see. Saturday is marked for haircut, no matter what.
I think I will make me coffee now, read Harry and then sleep early since I can’t check other blogs.

No more Monday till next week…!!!! 🙂

Song for today – Blue eyes by Mika. Its an awesome nice!!!!