Little likes alone time…!!!!

It was a beautiful Wednesday for me, of course there was no Gotham city and I was all day home with music, coffee and Dominique. How I wish I could get one more day to work on my writing, but anyways I am happy for today.

There is this thing, often when I realise I’m getting too social and actually liking it I try to cut it down because I don’t want to end up getting attached to the idea of having people around.

So I woke up, made myself amazing omelet with lots of veggies in it and watched Air Crash Investigation, followed by Perilous Journeys on Nat Geo.  J&K is one of the most beautiful places on earth, although people in my country and our neighbors have issues regarding the place but if you leave the history, you will find a land so beautiful so amazingly gorgeous that you will fall in love. I have seen just like a fraction of it in real, rest of it will always be a dream for me. So this show was about this guy who explores difficult terrains and beautiful areas through his journey around the world. This episode was about driving around Ladakh covering Nubra Valley, Khardungala Pass and so on. I wish I could do that.

Anyhow, then I made myself a nice cup of coffee and sat with the season return of Pretty Little Liars and it was worth the wait. Adam Lambert was a nice touch but the episode was just too good. SO much of twist and turns. At one point I could feel goosebumps on my arms. I think I know who A is, I believe I know. This was one hell of an episode. I wish we too had something like Halloween, dressing up and all the scary tricks.

It was a good day because after some nice television and PLL time, I went to Dominique. I wasted all day doing nothing but having coffee and listening to same songs again and again while writing Dominique. Today I covered a major chapter of Dominique, where she meets her past and faces her painful history. Still so much to write in the chapter but a girl can only write so much in a day.

I’m so not looking forward to office tomorrow but then I guess if I need Saturday, I will have to walk through Thursday and Friday.

I also watched Mamma Mia today. Love Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, they both are so awesome.

I missed my evening game today, said no to my friends who are sort of bugged with my attitude I think but, I needed my alone time. My friends have to put up with so much. I guess I’m sort of in trouble, will have to see how much.

I will go now, although i should sleep now i have Gotham tomorrow, I will write some more. By the way I’m going to screw up with NaNoWriMo big time and it’s because I have fallen in love with Dominique.

Oh I have a question, would you forgive infidelity? Why I’m asking? I heard Robert Pattison has forgiven K-stew and they are back again. So I thought what would have I done if I was him. I asked the same question to my friend and she said she wouldn’t have.

Leaving you guys the Adam Lambert song that made PLL even more awesome

To Monday, Seriously?

So last night I put a status on my BBM “Dear Monday, please be kind…!” and I am in office everything is going smooth, so smooth and it’s almost 430 which meant 2 more hours for Monday to get over and done with. But that’s not how story ends, happy endings on Monday are rare especially when you request for it. Monday likes to mess it up for you because that’s what Mondays are for.

So in same year my car gets banged twice and I’m not sure how to exactly describe the whole scene without laughing at it. I’m standing at the seat of one of my team member giving him some instructions when my manager calls me, I walk with him, he says nothing and is walking downstairs, I follow wondering why the first floor, then he walks out of office and I’m like why outside. That’s when he explains “someone just banged your car while reversing and they were about to run away but sir caught them (Our CEO) as he was there at the time. I am like “Whoa! Did I hear it correctly?”

Well there is the car, totally banged up at the back door, two girls (probably high school or college girls) smiling nervously at each other. Though the girl who was driving called her brother and he promised to pay for the damage and he did, I still can’t believe it happened to me twice in same year at a gap of just few months. Really? I thought Monday was going to be nice to me.

I wonder how sad it would have been if the girls would have actually managed to runaway. I wouldn’t even have known what happened to my back door which is refusing to open now. Lovely Monday!

Im so lucky to have a bike, why do people keep hitting into my car?

I think i didnt get my “its Monday” memo…i found myself dancing…!!!!

I refuse to believe religion says hurt someone, I refuse to accept difference based on color and caste, brown black or white, rich or poor and I refuse to support words like “this is so gay”. Because no one has right to hurt someone they don’t know, someone they never met or someone who hasn’t done anything to them personally. Don’t ask me why I wrote this but something just made me so angry. Human beings are crazy people, we do not care if we hurt others   based on our judgements because as long as the bullet is going on the other end who cares. I wonder if I ever said something racial or judgmental to anyone ever, maybe I did after all I am a human too.

Anyhow, let’s not go there. I’m already mad at the event.

So it was a weird day, because it was a Monday and yet I was in a joyful mood all day. It wasn’t just a Monday, it was also another day with no Blackberry services, yet I was all lively and cheerful. Sometimes I can scare myself; such actions freak me out.

Fortunately the day wasn’t that busy and exhausting, it was, but not like last week. Last week’s madness was too much just consumed me.

Not only was I cheerful I found  myself dancing to the song playing on my phone, as I tried to make one of my legendary cappuccinos in my kitchen after dinner. That’s when I was even more shocked. Weird so weird. But awesome too. I think I can do with such crazy happy days where I’m smiling for no reason. Actually I think I know why I was smiling but I rather not take that in account or else I will jinx it.

That’s what im talking about…this was me..except i have short hair and my kitchen was a mess..

Finally I have said goodbye to my mobile phone company and in one week my new connection will start.

Few days back my friend and I were coming back from city, when some crazy guys tried to scare us by driving their car too close and then they overtook us smiling and laughing. My friend got super mad, showed the guy a finger and he stopped his car and came asking why we did that and how dare we did that. She and he had an argument, but because of the traffic he had to drive away. We too went our way, but I wasn’t sure it was right on her part. I mean guys can be super dogs at times and I know they were doing all this intentionally and we could have got hurt the way they almost tried to crash into our car but. My friend and I had a healthy argument and debate, she did accept my theory on why she shouldn’t have done that but she had her own reasons. It’s not that we are grown ups and we shouldn’t act like that, it’s that I think people enjoy attention and that’s why they do crazy stuff and by responding to them we only give them the rush they want.

I don’t know I’m not sure, because while I wasn’t supporting her that day for her action I remember doing the same back in college when I had my scooter and there was this old guy trying to irritate me by driving his scooter close to me and slowing down when I slowed down and speeding up if I tried to speed up.

Once I even tried to race against some guys who were honking at my scooter for no reasons when they knew I was stuck in jam and couldn’t give them way. That was a crazy day, I was so irritated that I used my hand to tell them if they want they can fly cause I’m not moving and the moment I got a way I  drove so fast because I didn’t wanted them to overtake me. I was like “I aint letting them go ahead of me”. Yep I was a crazy person once. 😛 . I still end up laughing at my own stories. Best part, wait for it, I am racing against them and I m winning despite the fact that they had a car and I was on my scooter. I reach a place where my scooter starts slowing down down down and it stops and I realize “fck I am out of fuel”. Yes it was hilarious I was laughing, those guys were laughing and I ended up calling my brother to get me some fuel from a nearby petrol station.

Maybe I have changed as a person because I would never do all these things ever. I rather let stupid guys be stupid and give them a way. I don’t have that much of stamina to tell them how idiotic it is to act like crazy on road.

P.S I do not mean to be offensive. I’m talking incident based and I do not mean all guys are stupid.  Only few maybe, I don’t know most of them, you can find them on roads with big cars gifted by their rich parents.

More from Dominique part 3 …..!!!!

As i drove away from the prison, all i could think of was Dominique. What happened Dom? What happened?  I asked. Seeing Dominique like this brought old dusty memories alive. I couldn’t help but think of the time when Dominique was trying to fix me.

“You know you think too much”

“What do you mean I think too much?” I asked

“Well for starters if you did something wrong, you had reasons. “She took a bite of her pizza “and now the guilt is making you do whatever he wants you to do.”

“No it’s not true” How could she know that I asked myself “it’s so not true”

“O it is. You did something wrong and so did he. Hey I did something” She paused for a second and I could see her clutching her slice too tightly “So you don’t kill yourself for that? Right?” She looked at me. The question felt more like it was meant for her and not me. Like she wanted my answer on it.

“No of course you don’t” I didn’t know why but I had to say this instantly.

“There you go. And you do not have to worry about getting drunk, just don’t do it when you are alone” she signalled the waitress to pour us some coffee

“You okay?” I asked

“Me? Yeah of course” she laughed it away “aren’t you forgetting something? I’m here trying to help you” Dominique knew how to keep her calm and act cold but somehow she always mystified me. Like she was in pain but she wouldn’t let anyone come close.

“You know Mike told me something about you having a rough time too” I wasn’t sure if I should have said

“Mike is a big brother he suffers from the tendency of worrying. Ignore him” she did not look up. What’s your story?  I asked myself silently.

The sudden honking of cars around me brought me back to present. Dominique came into my life when I was falling apart and she fixed me even when she was broken herself, not letting me see it. I had to do something but I had no idea what on this earth could I do to save the girl who saved me. I took out my phone and dialed a number

“Hey Hon” Howie’s voice brought tears to my eyes

“There is something I have to tell you” was all i could say

Kristen cheating and no TIGHAR…Seriously?

What’s wrong with the world? Why am I hearing bad news everywhere? I mean Kstew cheated on Rob? Really, oh man, it just screws up my Bella-Edward thing. Hope its all some publicity stunt. (Yes, like I said before I’m that girl, the one who gets sad for celebrities).

Well, if this wasn’t enough I get to read that the TIGHAR project has been suspended. What? No, no no. Oh come on. Please go find Lockheed, I mean I already have so much of Revenge and PLL eating my head with mysteries. Okay let’s be serious, to be honest this whole project dedicated towards finding Amelia Earhart’s long lost plane was close to my heart. I really find myself pulled towards mysteries and nothing makes me more excited than the story of Amelia Earhart and George Mallory. Their courage and passion inspire me, but what happened to them is a question I can’t get out of my head.

I have been Amelia’s fan since I saw Night at the museum; I then watched Amelia, read the book and did the research. George Mallory is a legend for me, his passion for climbing, his love for his wife and his untold story makes me wonder what really happened that day. Did he or did he not make it to the top?

I feel bad about the TIGHAR project going down; I mean I thought we had all the technology now. Didn’t we find Titanic? Well I guess some questions arent meant to be answered and who should know that more than me. If only…

Tonight I wish to sleep little early, not early enough but still.

Leaving you guys with Christina Perri’s Arms, because i think she is awesome. Her Breaking Dawn song has been a great source of inspiration behind many of my love theme posts.

Hey Dude, stop or we will…….BANG…Nevermind..!!!!

It was just a crazy day, super crazy, because i banged my car into another car and its all dented and sad looking scene. It was a crazy scene, everything happened so slowly reminding of the scene from Twilight book where the author Stephenie Meyer describes Bella’s accident in a slow motion. Im driving thinking something, but i had my eyes on the road. There is this car right in front of me and so im super slow, suddenly this car on the turn starts coming towards me and it keeps coming and im like “okay he will stop, okay he will stop,, hey stop, hey,  hey DUDDEE…BANG”   😦

So i get out and turn into this she-HULK because i was just hit by a car for no reason.  Well we go into an argument, luckily a nice angel god-sent man was standing there when it happened and he came forward to fight for me.

The Driver: Okay okay let’s settle this peacefully
The Angel Man: why don’t you both park your car to the side of the road…
Me: O feck my car keys and phone
Both the men: what happened?
Me: I locked myself out of my car..Dammit

Yes, that happened. Not only did i end up in a stupid accident for no fault of mine, i also left my keys and my phone inside the car. Now i don’t have any number with me. I can’t call my office to tell them am stuck will be late or call my home and ask for the car keys. Luckily i was on my way to my friend’s house and she came to my rescue.

It was a horrible afternoon. Just horrible. I’m thankful to god for keeping me safe and making sure there was a nice guy right there when i needed a support, but I’m also super sad for my car. Luckily no one at my home is mad at me for denting my new car. I thought i was going to get in trouble , but  nice thing happened  nobody said a thing. Phew! Saved.
But my car. Now im back on my scooter for few days.

Okay, so let’s talk about something else before i go all emotional again. I thought i would finish my book in 2 or 3 days but, well guess what, i left the book in between and started with another. The book i was reading was a Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen, its fine but I’m getting all confused with the story and so i decided to take a break. Great i can’t even mange to finish one book.  But i am glad i started with Harry Potter, it’s awesome.

Today, im going to leave you guys with one of my favorite Ellen video because i think she is awesome. And the video is super funny and always cracks me up and i think i needed to watch it today.

Little wants to meet Amelia…!!!!

Leaving the voices in my head and my love gone wrong for Gotham City, today I want to talk about something that is real and more exciting. I once read this interview of some actor and one of the question in the fun interview was “name 3 people you want to meet from history?” and since then I have had my list ready, in case (no I do not wish to rule Hollywood, I cant…they have Meg Ryan) someone asks me the same question on some random day of random month, before crazy Mayans kill the world. O by the way, if that happens am going to be really mad at Mayans, because there are things that I have to do and apparently there are not enough years left. Dammit!!

Back to my answer to the question, well I have always been fascinated with mysteries specially the real life one. So, i have some real good names ready.

Person asking the question: So, Little who are the 3 people you want to meet from past?

Me (excited because this time I have the answer): Lady Dianna, George Mallory and Amelia Earhart

Person asking the question: Wow! That’s an interesting answer…

Me (interrupting): oh oh oh can i also add Anne Frank pleaseeeee

Person asking the question: Little we need only 3 names

Me (interrupting): Oh oh oh and Jack from titanic if he is for real. Is he?

Person asking the question: Like I said, only 3 names and I’m not sure if Jack is rea…

Me (interrupting): And i want to know who the hell is Jack the Ripper…also Neil Armstrong

Person asking the question (shocked): Oh My God, he is alive…

Me (interrupting): Is he? Sorry.  Okay, Can I add Hitler and Osama to the list? I know they are the bad guys, but maybe I can stop them using my super powers.

Person asking the question (Shot himself or asked his boss for a transfer to North Pole)

Me (Still thinking with my one eye closed, unaware of the absence of the interviewer): and who else? Maybe the first person to make Denims, best thing ever..And maybe…

Yes, when I decided I will tell you about 3 people I want to meet I actually went on a train of thoughts about who else can I add, despite knowing that I need only 3 names. See I can add my touch of twisted-ness (am pretty sure there is no such word) everywhere, even in a post as simple as talking about Amelia Earhart.

Truth is today I read this wonderful news related to the search for Amelia Earhart’s crashed Lockheed plane which vanished somewhere above Pacific Ocean, with Amelia and her co partner Fred Noonan on board. I have been fascinated with Amelia’s story for long now. Fact that she is a true super woman who made her name in the world of Men when people never thought women can do much. She flew solo, made records and made Press and Media go gaga over her.

I saw ‘Night at the Museum’ and I was like dude who is this woman, then I download movie Amelia, read the book on her and googled on her. I even found out conspiracy theories on her being captured by Japanese or her changing identities to live as someone else. Crazy things can be found on a simple story, I tell you. Anyhow, I was really amazed by her courage and style and was sad that a person so awesome died with no on knowing what really happened.

So when I read that they have found piece of a cream Jar that resembles to one Amelia had, I stumbled upon the TIGHAR project set up to find Amelia’s lost plane. They have been collecting huge amount of money to get the hi-tech equipment for a deep underwater search of the area where the experts believe the crash took place. On 75th anniversary of the last flight, TIGHAR will go on the search with Discovery filming the whole operation. This is even better than Titanic search, because everyone knew what happened to Titanic.


Also, George Mallory is another mystery that fascinates me. Everything from his courage, his love for his wife, his passion for climbing to the unanswered question “did he or did he not make it to Mt.Everest?”…everything makes me want to time travel on the last day when he took his steps towards Mount Everest. The book “Paths of Glory” is something, I believe, everyone must read.

And, of course everyone knows why I would want to go back to past to meet Lady Di.

Am a 100% Awesome n You know it…!!!!

It is raining season finales of many Tv shows and i think its not that bad, because it gives me time to do others things. While i will miss Barney Wait-for-It Stinston, McDreamy & his McTwisted wife, Sue’s unending hair gel jokes on Schuster, Nolan’s witty jokes with Emily as they plan for derailing Grayson lifestyle and more, i think this gap of few months would help me focus on my story and of course my forgotten love ‘reading’.

As i watched Barney saying “Am Awesome” for the last time in season’s finale, i knew i wasn’t really going to miss much. Because HIMYM and i no longer share the same love for each other, but out of respect i watch it just for the sake of being a part of its journey. Truth is HIMYM reminds me of a good time, so i don’t want to desert it now. But yes i will miss Grey’s Anatomy and Glee a little, because they both hold a special place in my heart. Revenge would be missed like hell because like Pretty Little Liars, it makes me forget i have to breathe while watching.

I know PLL is coming back, but i would like to take this vacation as an opportunity to get back to the bundle of untouched pages in my book shelf as well as the rough drafts of Dominique, waiting to be written a little more. I’m going to read Hunger games and many more books i have noted down.

Sometimes i wonder what I would have done without fiction, books or shows. I mean i hate my work place, i hate the job and people…i literally dislike being there, getting up in morning and spending next 9 hours wondering and questioning myself. After a long 9 hour shift and 9 hours of self battling, fictional shows and reading is my escape. I read, i watch and i write, thus entering into a world of people i don’t know but wouldn’t mind knowing.

Sometimes i wish i could just walk up to my boss tell him am done working here; walk back home and not go to that place ever. It feels like a relationship gone wrong, you are still in there because you don’t know where else to go. It has become my safe zone, my blanket and my comfort world, i know i’am not happy there but i know i will not survive without it, i will not find anything like it and i will probably find anything. My job is good when compared to so many people, yet it hurts. I’m awesome, demented, twisted and dark for sure, but I’m still awesome and i would want to be like that only, my work has become an Awesomeness Eating Bacteria…you either live with it and die one day or you get it out of your system.

This morning i woke up with a question “Is it too late for me to quit?” Because truth be told I’m awesome in my mind, but people in real life want more if you are looking for a good job or any job.

Sometimes there is a strong urge to throw all the responsibilities away, take a vacation, go on an excursion, visit places so close yet so far, find people like me and kick the Arse of darkness.

Voices: Yeah right, but first fix your body

Me: Gosh! I think i know what i need right now i need a good lifestyle, healthy one. Good diet, right number of sleeping hours and exercise.

Voices: You think?

Me: stop

Voices: You stop…you crazy self d

Me: Stop it okay i know that

Voices: very well then make a T-shirt of it

Me: Angry Look

Voices: Silence and Rolling eyes

Truth is, everyday is like a ticking clock and i just cant do anything about it.

To Future from me – I’m Awesome but you aren’t…!!!!

Like a falling star…!!

Like a falling star

I come down

They see the light & shine

None remembers the crash

That follows

Like a broken star

I spill on to the dust

Pieces scattered near & far

You are a star they say

You can’t cry, they say

I don’t glide, I fall

Pain hurts, no matter how small

Like a disown star

I move away from sky

But none asks me why

Because at the end I’m still a star

You don’t belong here

The stones feel it’s not fair

Like a dying star

I skid down

But still can’t see anyone

To call my own

What reason do you have?

To call yourself like us

The crushed leaves ask

Leaving me restless

Like a bright star in flames

I roll down

Every welcome I get is a frown

Everything sad & broken

Despises me for no reason

They say, you are a star

You can’t feel the cracks and scar

Like a falling star I come crashing down

Not belonging to the glittering sky

& the land so brown…!!



Everyone has dreams, everyone. And I’m not talking about the passion or goal of life kind of dream, I’m talking about the real ones that we see when our lights go off and we walk into a world of our subconscious. They say that every dream has a meaning, some represent your fear or things that you faced during the day, while some are simply signs like you are going to get money or something like that.

Truth is if dreams are the mirror of our inner fears and issues, then I know why usually 90 percent of my dreams are bad. I don’t have nightmares where I wake up sweaty, I don’t. But I have dreams which make no sense and some of them are so sad that it takes me a whole day to get out of the hangover of it. Travel has always been a major part of my dreams, usually I’m traveling in a bus or train or plane or whatever mode left. I don’t know if it’s because I am afraid of moving and settling in a new place or because I wish to go a vacation.  Then there are dream where I m in some kind of war or mission or am trying to escape someone who is following me. The war dreams are sad but way cooler than most of my other dreams, because it’s like the movie Sucker Punch. I have weird 3D imagination, I once dreamt of a war and some robotic super gadget suit rescues some of the soldiers including me and flies away. Honest to God, I had a dream like this. Weird I know. Although that dream did made me sad for over 2 days but now when I think of it I think it was a cool awesome dream.

Also in some of my dreams I’m on a search, looking for someone. I know why I dream that. In fact I know reason behind every dream that I have. While I can remember most of my sad dreams, there is only one happy dream I can recall if I have to. I mean I know I have a high percentage of sad unhappy dreams but it’s so weird that I don’t remember happy dreams at all, except one. And sadly I can’t talk about the happy dream, despite it being my favorite dream of all time. A dream where everything is movie perfect, including back ground music and stupid happy endings.

I don’t know why I am talking about dreams today, maybe I know. Now I have become little better at handling bad dreams, maybe that’s why I’m okay today. It’s funny but one of my stories came to me in my dream and next morning I started writing it, I wrote every page as I dreamt of it every night. I guess dreams aren’t that bad a world, if you are not messed up to my extent.

Like I said I’m a nice person but dreams don’t know that, they just know the girl in my subconscious mind.