Little loved The Hunger Games…!!!!

I know i’m late on the wagon but ‘The Hunger Games’ movie is awesome…Now i get the whole hullabaloo around Jeniffer Lawrence…She was fantastic first two movies, i’m yet to watch the third one.

Though i wonder if i should have started with the book first.

BTW, i hate winters…its making me lazy and lazy. I cant get out of my bed, have stopped my evening walks and i’m scared of ice-cream cause i know what it would do to my throat. I miss ice-cream.

Heat is making me Hulk…!!!!

Dear Summer,

Im so, so, sorry i asked you to leave.


There was a time i used to love writing letters. It was the time when Google and Laptops were kind of technology aliens all ready to take over the world of pen and paper. Seems like a life time ago. I used to love buying good looking diaries and notebooks and notepads, classy pens and pencils. Stationary was my best friend back then. I still have so many diaries in my wardrobe and i wonder what to do with them.

I used to write sorry, thank you and i love you letters to friends who were special to me. I think telling a person how special he or she is on a piece of paper is closest thing to telling it in person. emails, whatsapp, tweets, fb posts are emotion killer. Truth is, I find writing down a small one line thank you on a paper more appealing and personal than pinging someone offline saying “Thank you for being a part of my life and for letting me have you as a friend.”

Anyhow. With the kind of week i have been having i desperately need a Meg Ryan or Winona Ryder movie marathon. Nothing would make me more happy.


Dear Winters, just walk away now…

I am tired of winters now. Making me lazy and well am already born lazy, don’t need more help from a stupid weather. It was a horrible day in terms of body ache. My body was hurting all day, dont know why. So when i came home all tired, in pain and pissed i made me tea after dinner and danced on my bed with loud  music. For i was mad and i needed to feel good.

Where the hell is weekend? O wait its 3 days away…somebody give  me a hug or a day off from work would do too.

I want a Sunday on a Wednesday…i want it, i want it, i want!!!!!!!!!

Funny thing 5 people just got engaged in one month in Gotham and now most of these girls are eating my head asking me when im getting married. I wish was i had a t-shirt saying –

I’m already married.Chose not to call you & my husband is in jail. so shut it.

I hate the concept of “You’re next girl”…its like a favorite song of everyone who is either getting married or just got engaged. Super annoying.

Being sunshine is exhausting…!!!!

Being happy and all sunshine all day is exhausting specially when its me. Now im all tired and i wonder what got into me, i can still feel a sense of adrenaline inside. What happened to you Little, you were so sparkling today?

Weather wont let me play in morning but its okay because i did some exercise in evening.

Have to shut down my hyper mind right now. Goodnight world!



Rain :) ….No light…. :( !!!!!

Spending all day looking at the watch I waited for the evening. It was suppose to be my night. I had my epis downloaded, my movie ready. With no office tomorrow it was suppose to be my long happy night with fiction. But nope happy endings don’t happen easily.

I’m sitting in darkness, with no electricity and my inverter down which means no backup. It rained a lot and there was hailstorm. I was happy so happy with the weather, but now I’m like “WHATT?” 😦

Nevermind, I will manage with my headphones. 😦 😥 why why why

Please check out Americano/Dance again mashup by Glee. If you don’t like Glee, watch it for Kate Hudson. She is looking great.

I shall go n sulk in darkness with some songs. Good thing there is no Gotham city tomorrow  🙂

Goodnight world!

Like London Weather…!!!!

Sometimes people who love you end up hurting you with words that hit you a like dagger deep inside. Sadly, you can’t blame them because they don’t know what they did.

Its killing me that i couldn’t defend myself. Just when i thought i was getting a hang of the thing that has snapped, just when i thought im ready to be Awesome again. For past few days my mood has become…there is this line “Like London Weather” in a song You Already Know by Bombay Bicycle Club. My mood is like London weather…!!

I cant get Brandi Carlile’s “What can i say?”  out of my mind.

P.S – I think i have found my plot for NaNWriMO. I just need a day to write synopsis and plot the characters.

a little rain is all Little needs…!!!!

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a rain person. things I love to do when it rains includes making a cup of frothy coffee and stand in my balcony, to enjoy the hills (you can see them from my balcony and terrace), the trees and kids playing in rain.

Today I saw a father walking with his tiny little kid in rain. Another father playing in rain with his daughter and her friends. I think they were making paper boats. I saw children cycling and a boy filling his tiny bucket with water to throw the water on his friends, all this while I was out on the terrace getting all soaked up.

Finally, I came inside took a shower, made a cup of coffee and sat in the balcony reading Harry Potter. It is still raining and it makes me happy.

People who know what indian summer feels like, also know what monsoon feels like. Perfect break from the scorching heat and humidity.

I wish I could upload a picture but since I’m blogging through my phone its not easy.

Clouds on the sky…!!!

So blue and white

Like faces smiling at every sight

Clouds on the sky

Where have you come from?

Will you stay or

will you fly away?

Are you alone?

Or is the rain following you?

I won’t mind some droplets, just few would do

The sand needs to get wet

The wind needs to get settled

I can smell the air

Mysterious like a beautiful affair

Music can be heard too

Thunderstorm a mile away or two

Turning black and dark

Like a shape of an arc

Clouds on sky

Tell me where have you come from?

Were you welcomed there?

Like i am doing here?

Did the birds sing for you?

And the squirrels jumped high to reach you?

I can’t sing or dance

But i see you

And smile for you

Please stay a little, let it rain

Let the sun play hide and seek today

Let the trees go green and gay

Will it rain? O will it rain?

I can already feel myself singing

Your farewell song,  ‘please come back again’

Clouds on Sky…!!!


Snowy likes the weather

There is something about Rain…!!!!

So I woke up with same numb feeling, drove to work with eyes half closed and started working with my headphones on and my mind turned off… well I have to usually switch off the thinking section of my brain for few hours every day or the voices will never let me work. Anyhow, while everything is going like every day, nothing new, nothing exciting and nothing to make me not wonder about the reason I’m still working at my work place…something wonderful happens…It starts getting rainy outside.

Yep, I’m all romantic but that’s not the reason why I love rains. There is something about rain that brings a smile on my lips, colour on my face and sudden rush of happiness in my veins. I can’t help it, but rain is a total miracle medicine for me. I walked up to the window, the cloudy sky, wet wind, smell of rain and lush green leaves on trees. A therapy indeed..!!

I remember playing in rain when I was a kid and even when I grew up. A drive in rain in my scooter is one of my favorite things in the world. I have some really amazing memories of rain… that’s the best part, rain doesn’t give you bad memories. So every time you think of rain, there is a happy moment attached to it.

I love the chilly wind, the smell of droplets on hot mud and I don’t know if anyone ever noticed this, but rain makes trees look more green…so green that they becoming soothing to eyes. When its raining, I can look at trees for as long as possible.  I love to drive in rain, take a walk, play an outdoor game or if nothing just stare at it fall down, as every drop creates a ripple in the pond of rain water collected on the streets.

The green leaves and grey sky talks to me like no one does, they ask me to smile and even before I know I’m smiling.