i love 80s and 90s…and Winona Ryder!!!!

I have been planning to watch a Jodie Foster movie but ended up watching Winona Ryder’s Boys. God, she is amazing. I can never get bored of watching Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder and Meg Ryan…these are the finest set of actors. 80s and 90s truly had some of the best actors and classic movies.

Winona Ryder movie marathon

Not many people know that I’m a Winona Ryder fan, because I’m too busy singing song Meg Ryan. So today I decided to go on a Winona Ryder movie marathon. While I have already seen these movies before, more than once, I would be lying if I said i didn’t enjoy them like I was seeing them for the first time. I think there is something about actors from 90’s they just steal the show. All of them.  After 3 back to back Ryder flicks… Girl, Interrupted, Autumn in New York and Reality Bites, it’s time for a break. But I have the final movie saved for later. Will end my Ryder fever with Little Women.

There is this thing with me, I like watching movies I have seen before. Usually when I’m sad and blue I curse movies and people who make them, I ask questions like why we watch movies when it’s all a lie. Truth is I know the answer, I have known it for long now. We watch movies because we all deserve to get lost in a fairy tale, go on a journey into a whole new world, laugh out loud, cry without giving anyone a reason and feel emotions we prefer to keep inside.

There are some movies that make me cry irrespective of the number of time i watch them, including autumn in New York and Courage under fire.