Little loved The Hunger Games…!!!!

I know i’m late on the wagon but ‘The Hunger Games’ movie is awesome…Now i get the whole hullabaloo around Jeniffer Lawrence…She was fantastic first two movies, i’m yet to watch the third one.

Though i wonder if i should have started with the book first.

BTW, i hate winters…its making me lazy and lazy. I cant get out of my bed, have stopped my evening walks and i’m scared of ice-cream cause i know what it would do to my throat. I miss ice-cream.

Dear Winters, just walk away now…

I am tired of winters now. Making me lazy and well am already born lazy, don’t need more help from a stupid weather. It was a horrible day in terms of body ache. My body was hurting all day, dont know why. So when i came home all tired, in pain and pissed i made me tea after dinner and danced on my bed with loud  music. For i was mad and i needed to feel good.

Where the hell is weekend? O wait its 3 days away…somebody give  me a hug or a day off from work would do too.

I want a Sunday on a Wednesday…i want it, i want it, i want!!!!!!!!!

Funny thing 5 people just got engaged in one month in Gotham and now most of these girls are eating my head asking me when im getting married. I wish was i had a t-shirt saying –

I’m already married.Chose not to call you & my husband is in jail. so shut it.

I hate the concept of “You’re next girl”…its like a favorite song of everyone who is either getting married or just got engaged. Super annoying.

Being sunshine is exhausting…!!!!

Being happy and all sunshine all day is exhausting specially when its me. Now im all tired and i wonder what got into me, i can still feel a sense of adrenaline inside. What happened to you Little, you were so sparkling today?

Weather wont let me play in morning but its okay because i did some exercise in evening.

Have to shut down my hyper mind right now. Goodnight world!



Feels like im dreaming…!!!!

It a beautiful day, though its very cold outside and for some reason winter is enjoying playing hide and seek. Im happy because im sitting in my pajamas listening to ABBA and Brandi Carlile in shuffle mode, while working on Jane Doe. Yes, im writing since yesterday and doing nothing else. Right now, right here i feel good. Feels like im dreaming.

A lazy weekend where i get to write is nothing but heaven. I feel calm, peaceful and a sense of happiness. I have done major work on my story and if i could get just one more weekend like this, im sure i will get to the point where i can show it to my friends.

o how i love writing with music playing in the back. What would i have done if i wasn’t a writer? How would i have faced the blues then?

Enjoy the “fools rush in” version by Brandi Carlile. Its amazing. I think im getting obsessed with her music.

She walks again…!!!!

Walking alone again

With the same pain

She looks around

There is no one to be found

She walks again

Drenching in the rain

Because she can’t smile

No more

She cant pretend for a while

So she walks again

Away from the world of sane

Trembling and shivering

She don’t know why is she crying

What happened to her?

The wind asks

She has no answer

So she walks again

Tied with a chain

Of words she can’t say

Every night every day

There is something hollow

Something that stays

Darkness or sunny days…!!!!

Oh Come On! Shonda Rhimes WTF

Okay i have officially declared Shonda Rhimes a crazy woman, because she likes to kill her characters. I just finished watching the 23rd episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 and now i’m sad, because i know in the finale episode one of the character is going to die.

Till now so many of my favorite characters have died or left the show, im living with it and i will continue doing it but still WTF. Please tell me why on earth cant we have happy ending to Greys Anatomy…i mean if i cant have happy ending in fiction then how am i suppose to believe that it exists in real life.

Gosh! I guess i am little angry right now…thanks to Shonda Rhimes. I hope she doesn’t kill Robins, because i like Robins. I love Robins…i think she is the only person in this show who smiles all the time, is happy and cheery all the time. In a show of dark and twisted interns, happy Robins is important. I hope they don’t kill Mark or Lexie. Just when i thought they were going to come back together being a cute couple, they end up in a plane crash. Seriously? Come on.

I know who all are not dying and i’m not worried about the main characters, but i’m really worried about others. I miss George and Izzie and it took me a lot of time to get over their exit.  I mean she even killed Mandy Moore’s guest character and that too with an undiagnosed disease. I mean her character literally survived an open shootout in the hospital but dies of some disease doctors didn’t knew about. why why why..

Okay! Little pull your crap up. Take a deep breath. Yes! Good you can do it.

Noooooo….Robins, please don’t let it be Robins or Lexie or Mark.. PUHLEEEEEZZZ