Little has little time today…!!!!

Not much from me today, have few minutes with me before i sleep so i better focus on Jane Doe. Well my NaNo count is 17,000 something and i am very slow but determined to not give up. I have to report at Gotham from tomorrow but i will try to stay focused.

Leaving you guys with a scene from You’ve Got Mail. Did i ever mention that im obsessed with Meg Ryan movies? Must have.

I know i want to live a MegRyan movie, but not every scene of it.!!!!

Lately I have been trying to keep everything in control, my anger, my blues and my breakdown. So it’s Thursday and I am wondering how smoothly the week went and just one more day to go for weekend. I congratulate myself for a successful week where I knew when and what to let people see, I had a total control on my emotions, anger, agony, blues everything.

But somewhere in the middle of the day I end up feeling weird, like weird weird. I tell myself to hold on, not to panic, just a tired mind and body. I did end up managing well but then stupid mobile company pissed me so much my mind cells broke into millions pieces of tiny hulk. Oh I was so mad, so so mad. Still am but then now I have my ice-cream.

Lately I’m trying to learn how to shield what I feel. I think I’m doing well because I don’t think I actually got crazy and rude with anyone. I hate when it happens, I turn into Kathleen Kelly of You’ve Got Mail. Life becomes a scene where she says all the mean things to Joe Fox and then when she is relieved because she finally said what was inside, she feels horrible so horrible about whatever she said. She realizes no matter what he did, she had no right to say all that to him. I end up being her most of the time sand that’s why I’m trying to teach myself anger management my way. Fact that I wasn’t like this before makes it harder on me.

Anyways, I have started with running and tomorrow I plan to get up early morning which is crazy for me. But I guess I can try. I have 4 new books, Harry potters2, Sharp Objects, The Immortals of Melluha and Not without my daughter. Hope to start with one this weekend and if possible I might give some attention to my assignment. I have done so much in life but I don’t regret a thing, but this stupid course is my only regret. Even my darkest secret doesn’t feel bad in front of it. Why did I enrol for it? Dammit! Little. Why.

This morning I woke up at around 6 I think and it was all cloudy and foggy. Reminded me of winters, I thought I was dreaming. I rubbed my eyes twice and then to be sure I wasn’t dreaming, I called my mum and she confirmed it for me. It was all foggy like winters. The one where you can’t really see beyond 20 some steps.

I wonder  if life is giving me some signs, because at first I woke up to heavy fog smelling good fresh cold weather and then I felt the same “winter is on the door” chill at work.

So here I am in a  meeting (which lasted 2 hours and destroyed my sandwich and tea time) and I’m almost sleepy and irritated at the guy sitting next to me. His job is to find faults and errors in my team’s work. Understand that but the way he points out stupid simple stuff and starts making them big irritates me. Sometimes he is like “sir this site is good but maybe we can change the colour, look at the theme, what if we do this or that” or “Sir, this site is fine but maybe we could shift the banner to a little left or a little right” Really? Seriously? You can’t let go of it even once?

Anyhow, so he is sitting next to me giving his list of suggestions to my boss who is explaining me how and where we can implement them. At one point I end up sleepy and lose focus in the conversation. It’s really cold because of the A.C, my eyes are closing and I end up day dreaming about myself being in a place with a warm bed and quilt.

The irritating guy: sir, both the sites have same issues

My Boss: yes, I think we can fix this and here we can add this

Me: Nodding and nodding and nodding

Myself: It is so cold here. Hmm, nice and cold.

Me: Nodding and Nodding and Nodding

Myself: I would do anything to close my eyes for a while

Myself: If only I had a bed here and a warm quilt. Oh heavens

Me: Nodding and Nodding and Nodding

Myself: I just want to close my eyes for a second. Just a second.

Me: Nodding but trying my best not to close my eyes

Myself: I miss my room. The bed. The silence. The sleep. The rest

Myself: It’s so cold. I could get inside a warm quilt and curl by myself for hours and not care

Me: shaking my head violently and looking back at my boss and the irritating guy

The irritating Guy: And sir, I have another list almost ready with some more changes

My Boss: Have you noted it down? I have the mail too, let me send you the excel

Me (looking at the time with corner of my eyes and cursing the guy on my left):  Yes sir, sure sir. Okay sir

Voices: I know you want to hit him Little..i know you do. Maybe you should.

Voices: Look at him. He is short and not that muscular. Even you can take him down.

Me (looking at the irritating guy): Hmm…If only i didn’t needed this job.

5 years in Gotham City…!!!!

Here is a funny thing, I’m listening to Jingle Bell Rocks right now and I don’t know why. I think because I wish it was Christmas, it was cold, and it was all about hot coffees and Christmas movies. I don’t know why, but I love Christmas despite not being Christian, not being religious and not being the happy kind. Can you guess my favorite Christmas movies? Okay I will tell you Home Alone 1& 2, Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail and Jingle All The Way.
No this isn’t a Christmas post, I just found it on my playlist and now I’m listening to it in re-play mode…so I thought I should let you know that I’m a Christmas loving kid.

This Monday I completed 5 years in Gotham city, which most of you know is my pet name for my workplace. For past 1 year now, I can’t help but feel like Batman stuck in Gotham city. Calling myself Batman and my office Gotham city is a defense mechanism I use to help me go through it every day, it’s like im a Super Hero and my office needs me. Crazy? Of course it’s crazy, didn’t I tell you I’m the dark & twisted kind. Super Heroes have always been my defense mechanism in everything, because I think we have some things in common. I think I even did a post on it, but I don’t remember the name. But it clearly tells why…

Voices: Hi
Me: Not now I’m writing
Voices: Yeah right
Me: What?
Voices: 5 years…post was about 5 years.
Me: O feck…Right…Thanks
Voices: Rolling eyes

So where was I? 5 years in Gotham city. Have you ever wondered what life would be without voices? Of course not, you guys are sane. Feck, I again forgot 5 years.
Okay! 5 years ago I walked into this building with everyone looking at their computers, some talking to each other, others busy with work. I was young and 21 and only thing mattered was spending all day in a coffee shop with friends. But I didn’t know in few weeks my life was going to change so much. I don’t know when and how, I fell in love with the place and made super amazing friends…the ones who are God-sent. I was Superman in Krypton, just a normal person with no super powers.

Out of 5, 4 of my office years have been spent loving each and every day. I was a Monday person back then, yes you heard it. I loved Monday. Dude! Now I can’t even imagine what it felt like to like Mondays. I don’t remember what I did with my first salary, but I do remember I was very happy when I bought a mobile with my own salary and super happy when I bought a car on my own.

Life at Gotham city has been really good, but I don’t see myself here for much time now. Only problem, I don’t know how to be anything else but Batman.