Dominique, Tim and Kristine…!!!!

At 00:20 AM starts 5th August AKA Friendships day and it makes me happy, because this particular day has been my favorite for as long as I know myself. Why? i think it has something to do with my ability to get emotionally attached to people. I will talk about it tomorrow maybe.

So, here is another page from Dominique. This one talks of the friendship between Dominique, Tim and Kristine, before the tragedy struck.

I knew I had to eat something or I wouldn’t be able to go through the night, every minute was cutting through my heart. Sally had promised me to call in the morning with the name and address of Seth. Just once, once, I find him I will find answers to the questions stuck inside me like a dagger. I bought a big Mac, a diet coke and drove to Kristine’s apartment. I closed the door, switched on the light and threw the food on the table. Removing my jacket and shoes I sat on the couch that was once Kristine’s favourite place in her room. Every minute in that room was a reminder of every day spent with her and Tim. I opened the coke and drank while I ate the big cheese burger in the silence of a room I never thought I would visit again.

Last time I was in her room was when Tim and I had dared Kristine to cook for us without burning the food and the house. You know Dom I bet 20 bucks we will have to call 911. Hey luv should I write my will? Tim’s words stung me from nowhere. Tears filled my eyes and I could no longer eat. If only I could save Tim, if only I could find Kristine sooner, if only it was me and not them. I still had 4 hours before the dawn, but I wasn’t sleepy. Lighting a cigarette I took a walk in the apartment trying to take in what was left of life, I once knew. It was a small one room, one bathroom and kitchen apartment. The place was so small that it was hard to imagine someone as rich as Kristine living in that small cubicle size place. The anxiety was taking a toll on me and I could no longer stand, so I decided to lie down on the couch. Closing my eyes I started thinking of the day we celebrated Kristine’s birthday here. How can I not remember that day? What did Tim said to me “You are her best friend”.

It was 11 at night when he called “Hey Dom?” With a groggy and sleepy voice I cursed him “Tim? What the fuck? I have a class tomorrow”

“So do I” and he started laughing. He knew I wasn’t in a mood to joke, so cleared his voice and said

“Hey Dom, I need you”


“It’s about Kristine” he said in a serious tone which made me sit up and switch on the light on my room

“Kristine? Is she okay?” I wasn’t sure if Tim ever cared about my being around Kristine

“Hahaha… I knew you would freak out. You should have heard yourself”

“Not funny Tim”

“Okay okay, I am sorry. Look here is the thing its Kristine’s birthday tomorrow and I want you and me to take her some place nice, tonight. But I need you to convince her because she hates celebrating birthdays” He begged

“What? She didn’t tell me about her birthday. O god I don’t even have a gift for her”

He laughed again “what’s with girls and gifts?”

“Never mind, but why me. Why don’t you take her to a nice place?”

“Because I’m her boyfriend but you are her best friend” he said. Kristine and I had become good friends but I wasn’t sure if I meant much to her. Tim’s words never left me.

“Look Dom, I know it sounds crazy but you and I are the only people in Kristine’s life. She doesn’t care about her father and ever since she lost Andy, she has stopped caring about anyone. She stopped making friends or letting anyone get close to her. And then you came.  You mean a lot to her and I know this. We are all she has in the name of a family. And everyone needs their family on the birthdays. So I beg please help me?” He waited

“What’s the plan?” I smiled

“Awesome! Meet me at her place in 20” before I could hung up he said “Dom remind me to thank you”

Next thing I know we both were at Kristine’s house pressing her doorbell like lunatics. We knew it would be hard to convince her but Tim wasn’t going to give up and so wasn’t I. Kristine was furious with Tim for letting me know about the birthday and angry at me for letting Tim drag myself to her place at this hour.

“What is wrong with you both?” she demanded after we both forcefully entered her apartment

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAY!”Tim kissed her

“Tim what is this?” she pointed at the cake I had in my hands

“Okay! First of all we met yesterday and you didn’t tell me about your birthday.” I looked at her “and second happy birthday” I hugged her

“Yeah! Sorry Dom I just don’t like to celebrate my birthday ever since Andy’s accident and this moron here knows it” she pointed at Tim who was going through her wardrobe “Mr what are you doing?” she demanded

“Looking for clothes you can wear my luv” he winked at me, a sign to place candles on the cake.

“What? No, I’m not going anywhere”

I placed the cake on the table and walked up to her “Kris, look I understand if it’s because I’m here. I know I’m intruding and I shouldn’t be. I will leave, promise” suppressing my smile I turned around and started walking towards the door

“What? No, wait. Oh come on! Dom please stay” she turned towards Tim “I am going to kill you for spoiling Dom”

She walked up to me and said “come on Dom you are not going anywhere. You know you are not intruding, this man here is.” She stared at Tim who gave her a flying kiss “Look I know I should have told you, I’m sorry”

“Yes Dom, she is sorry. So sorry that she will go out with us” Tim said

“Okay, fine I will go out with you both” she threw her hands in the air and walked up to Tim “give me this” she took her clothes from his hands and kissed him. “I love you” she smiled at him.

“See Dom I told you she wouldn’t say no to you, she calls you her pillar”

“What? How did you? Oh my god! Tim you read my diary?” she kicked him and they both started laughing.  Rest of the night was spent dancing, drinking and driving across Manhattan. Tim took us both to a club where we danced all night long. Kristine was happy and enjoying. Tim bought us nonstop drinks and we were almost drunk.

“Here is to my stupid boyfriend Tim and my crazy best friend Dom” Kristine raised a toast

“Hey Tim why aren’t you drinking?” I shouted with loud music making it difficult to talk.

“I have two ladies to take home safely” he said.

“Hey Dom, thank you. You came, it made Kristine and me happy” he hugged me.

“Oye! What are you two oldies doing? Dance people. woohu” Kristine dragged us both to the dance floor and then there was no stopping. It was the night Tim and I became best friends. Tim was always protective of Kristine and everything or everyone that made her happy, even me.