Little wants to win place on Le Clown’s blog…!!!!

Little is high on weekend and has spent all day smiling while listening to Hello (last night’s song) because she slept. She still need more sleep but last night’s early light-off was good. Going for Pj party at my badminton friend’s place. Lots of good food and back to back last two PLL episodes.

Funny thing while i spent all week snapping at silly things today i went to license office and came back home empty handed (government offices are unhappy places with very crazy people) yet i was all cheerful all day. I was like “never mind”.

Since i am leaving in 5 minutes, i would like to leave you guys with link to the magnificent Le Clown’s blog. Need my blog friends to vote for me so i can earn my place on the blog master’s blogroll (hey Le Clown does calling you magnificent and blog master earns me any noses? 😉 ). Vote for me people with a plain and simple Like. and enjoy the fun challenge he has put up.



Time to get ready for a long night…Goodnight world…!!!!