Super Heroes get tired too….believe me, they do…!!!!

A sleep deprived and exhausted Little is just nothing but a sad scene, good thing she still knows how to be awesome. It was just the most tiring day in Gotham city, I mean I know I’m a Super Hero and I work hard even if you do not notice I work because that’s all I know, but it doesn’t mean you bury me under it. Phew! Glad its weekend. Just the right timing I guess because I could no longer work, no more. If it wasn’t weekend I would have probably taken a day off.

For past 3 days it’s been raining all day and the weather is amazing but I’m busy working and working so much that sometimes I couldn’t even sit and have my tea or coffee. It’s like I get up and it’s raining, I drive with music and rain accompanying me , I enter Gotham city and like Derek Shepard I silently whisper “It’s a beautiful day to save life, let’s have some fun.” Of course, I don’t really save any life(and what is fun?) but I do save many people many things, my boss some bucks and my team some pressure (I’m a good Team Lead I don’t let them worry much and sometime even give them free time secretly, without my boss knowing).

Truth is I’m a mess right now, I need to sleep just turn off the light and sleep but of course I won’t. A cup of chocolate ice-cream would be good but I don’t have one and I have no idea why I didn’t get one, but maybe I can make me coffee. Two days and all I’m going to do is sleep and stay inside my room. I have no plans and I expect a silent weekend which is good for me, I need just ME for two days doing what I want to NOTHING.

Sad thing happened today, I couldn’t even find a single song to keep me going through the exhaustion and countdown to weekend. But I did manage to kill “Find a way” by Tyler Blackburn. Well I didn’t know he was as singer, he is one of the main guy from Pretty Little Liars. He plays Caleb and I think every girl likes him. I so hope he isn’t Team A because Hanna loves him.

I need a good hour of Badminton to Ctrl F5 my mind, but before that I need good sleep and lots of nothings. I aim to finish my Harry Potter tomorrow and buy the second one tomorrow. Maybe I will go Library, but I guess I rather go to a book shop and buy one. Book shopping is what I need. Yeh, I think if I get out of my room, only if, I m going shopping books. Yay! Books.

So now am off to make me a cup of tea or coffee (yet to decide) and then maybe I will read or watch some old movie. Won’t be writing tonight. Or maybe i will just drop dead till morning.

Happy Fri—Yay—DAY….!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Super Heroes get tired too….believe me, they do…!!!!

  1. I totally love the way you call yourself awesome all the time, it sooo Barney Stinson ♥
    I really really hope that you’ll have a nice and quiet weekend with lots of rest and a couple of new books to keep you company. If you’re into fairy tales, you should give The Land of Stories (you know, Chris Colfer’s debut novel) a go, it’s hilarious and so well written.
    Thanks for the song! 🙂

  2. Shopping for books is good for your soul 😀 Every time I enter a book shop, I’m like a kid let loose in a candy store. And the feeling you get after you come back home and peel off the cellophane wrap off the books — there’s nothing like it 😀 😀 😀 Go, have fun, Little Miss. You deserve it 🙂

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